IS ANYBODY LISTENING ? | Non-availability of public transport in Shopian, Kulgam villages

We, the students of Arreh, Nillow, Pariwan, Pombay, Nehama, Chansar, Khandipora, Pardpora, Mohdpora, Okey, Bumbrath, Kakran, and the adjacent village of district Kulgam and Shopian, face a lot of inconvenience due to non-availability of public transport since 2019. We have to travel at least 2-3 km to reach the main stop. We often miss our classes because of the said reason. Some small vehicles are available, but they charge high fares from the students. We now request the concerned authorities to look into the matter and take some steps as soon as possible.

Luqman Ahmad Wani, Research Scholar


Declare results for M.D. Unani examination

We, the students of Regional Research Institute of Unani Medicine, Habbak, Srinagar, had submitted our research thesis on 30-04-2020 and finished our final year exams on 03-09-2020, viva on 13-10-2020. The expected date of declaration of result was supposed to be in the last week of November. But due to some unknown reasons, our results are yet to be declared because of which we are not able to apply for any position in any organisation. We, therefore, request the concerned authorities to kindly intervene in the matter and facilitate the speedy declaration of our results.

We are highly grateful to the administration for taking groundbreaking steps in the education department. Online application for transfers from all the desired cadets from the department of education is being sought. This is the first drastic step taken to stop favouritism and nepotism.The new move saved the time and money of the aspirants. The roaming of different cadets from door to door for their transfer has now come to an end. All the aspirants are eagerly waiting for the release of the transfer list, especially those who have been working far away from their homes in outside districts having no political favours. Similarly, both the directorates have released the list of vacancies of lecturers, headmasters, principals etc. Releasing vacancy positions of different cadets by both directorates gives us a bleak and grim picture of the department. The schools will open w.e.f 1st March, and the vacancies in the institutions will definitely adversely affect the institutions. The future of those students is quite visible who are enrolled in the institutions where there are no heads or where there are no subject-specific teachers available for them. The temporary academic arrangements, deployments and adhocasim have already proven to be disastrous for the students. We request the concerned authorities to take immediate action in this regard.

Muhammad Shafi, Pattan

Repair roads in Zangibagh, Chadura

We, the villagers of Zangibagh, tehsil, Bkpora, Chadura, would like to bring into the notice of higher authorities that the main road leading to

Lal chowk, Srinagar from our village has been badly damaged by the recent snowfall. The road is full of potholes and has become dangerous for the vehicular traffic. As a result of this, the villagers, especially students, suffer terribly. Walking on this road has become difficult. We request the R&B department to intervene and repair our roads as soon as possible.

Basharat Ahmad

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