Is Anybody Listening? | Repair drainage system in Firdous Abad, Batamaloo

We, the residents of Aarifeen Colony, Firdous Abad, Batamaloo, are facing tremendous hardships due to the poor drainage system in our locality. As a result, the area has submerged in rainwater. We request the administration to repair the drainage system at the earliest.

Fayaz Ahmed Khan, Batamaloo, Srinagar


‘Resume private school transport in Baramulla’

Amid apprehensions of COVID-19, schools have opened with students and parents all set to follow SOPs. However, some private schools in the Baramulla district have shown reluctance and decided to suspend transport services for the students, which has made parents and students uneasy.

To arrange public transport for these kids is fraught with risks, and students feel uncomfortable, which may force parents not to send their wards to school. Though the government has given clear cut instructions to private school to ply buses as per routine for the convenience of students, some schools in Baramulla are not following the directions. This move has made caused a lot of inconvenience to the students and especially their parents. We request private schools to resume transport so that students will not have to suffer.

Concerned parents and students

Poor internet connectivity in Guzarbal, Chattabal

We, the resident of Guzarbal, Chattabal, are facing a lot of inconvenience due to poor internet connectivity in our area. The internet speed is very slow and it feels like we are still using 2G. This is especially the problem with Airtel and Jio. We tried contacting their customer service but no step has been taken. We request the concerned authorities to kindly look into the matter as soon as possible.


Initiate cleaning of Bemina-Narbal flood channel

Iwould like to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards the flood spill channel that runs from Bemina to Narbal. This channel is polluted at many places, particularly at Hajibagh, which is close to HMT. There are heaps of garbage on the left side of the said- channel. It has become a feeding ground for stray dogs. Moreover, there are chances of spreading deadly diseases. We, the residents of this area, now request the concerned authorities to install bins and clean the flood channel to mitigate this problem.

Syed Mustafa Ahmad, Student

Poor drainage system irks residents of Khawaja Bagh

We, the residents of Khwaja Bagh, Baramulla, are facing a lot of inconvenience due to the poor drainage system in our area. The recent rainfall completely inundated the Guthyar road. This makes walking on these roads impossible. We request the administration to address our genuine demand and repair the drainage system as soon as possible.


‘Reopen JKSSB link’

We, the candidates from different parts of Kashmir valley, want to bring it into the notice of concerned authorities that we had recently applied for different posts advertised by JKSSB . After the last date of application submission, JKSSB had uploaded an edit option on their website . But as we all know only those candidates go for the edit option who have to make any corrections in their applications . Unfortunately, we were not aware that the different item no.s for which we had applied were not visible in our application status and they also did not mention the same in their edit option notification . As a result of this majority of the candidates did not go for the edit option. Now we request the JKSSB authorities to kindly reopen the link so that we can make necessary changes in our application.


Dog menace in Firdous Abad, Batamaloo

We, the residents of Firdous Abad Batmaloo, Srinagar, urge the authorities to address the growing problem of stray dogs in the area.  Authorities at the Srinagar Municipal Corporation are requested to check the menace and control the growing canine population in the area.

Dr Misbah Wani, Resident

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