LG Sinha to inaugurate Kashmir's first multiplex on September 20

LG Sinha to inaugurate Kashmir's first multiplex on September 20
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Srinagar, Sep 18:  After 30 years of waiting, Kashmir's first multiplex will finally allow inhabitants to view movies on a giant screen. Manoj Sinha, the Lieutenant Governor, is scheduled to inaugurate the Inox Multiplex in Srinagar on September 20.

The Dhar family and INOX, one of the nation's major film distributors and theatre chains, worked together to create the multiplex. The multiplex will open to the public on September 20.

According to Vijay Dhar, owner of INOX multiplex Srinagar, they have done all preparations and Kashmir's first multiplex will be opened on September 20 by LG Sinha and the first show will be on September 30 when the Hrithik Roshan-starred movie Vikram Vedha will be screened in the multiplex.

This multiplex will reintroduce moviegoing in theatres after a three-decade break.

This multiplex has three cinemas with a total seating capacity of at least 520 people. The most latest audio systems have been installed, and they are superbly built.

The INOX multiplex in Sonawar, Srinagar, is set to open after the finishing touches were done.

Youngsters will be drawn in by the multiplex's numerous food outlets and other entertainment opportunities.

According to Vijay Dhar, owner of INOX multiplex Srinagar, the purpose of restoring cinema in Kashmir is to provide future generations with the same entertainment accessible throughout the country. "This is for everyone so that they can all enjoy the entertainment. Our children should be happy. They must also scream and holler. With the exception of sports and food, he observed, there is nowhere one can find entertainment."

The INOX-designed multiplex has three auditoriums that can seat 520 people. Dolby sound systems are installed for better audio, he adds.

Dhar stated that, in addition to modern amenities, the multiplex's design will incorporate elements of Kashmiri culture, such as a paper-mache and khatamband ceiling. Food courts will also be used to showcase local cuisine.

"We have altered the design significantly and incorporated a Kashmiri touch, as well as cutting-edge infrastructure. We also hope to promote and encourage local food entrepreneurs in order to increase the popularity of our local cuisine "He stated.

"We will run the business with qualified locals. It is important to promote our own Kashmiri brand."

Prior to militancy in Kashmir, Bollywood wove its celluloid dreams in the sylvan settings of Kashmir which was one of the most sought-after destinations and filmmakers were saved from going abroad for lush expanses and snow-covered mountains for their outdoor shoots.

The Jammu & Kashmir Film Development Council (JKFDC) has taken several initiatives to promote the UT as a leading destination for shooting and production of all feature and non-feature content films, digital content and television shows.

The list of deliverables for producers of incentivized films would include the incorporation of the logo of the Jammu & Kashmir Film Development Council, proof of which shall be enclosed along with the documents for subsidy.

According to the Film Policy, the Government of Jammu & Kashmir is identifying catalogues and developing promising potential shooting locations that have aesthetic and cinematic appeal.

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