Locals demand removal of garbage segregation shed from Chountwaliwar village of Ganderbal

Ganderbal: The existence of a garbage segregation shed at Chontwaliwar village has become a cause of concern for the local residents in Ganderbal.

The shed, located near a hospital and some schools, has led to the spread of infections and poses a threat of wild animals. The villagers have demanded the removal of the shed to some other location.

Farooq Ahmad Qureshi, a local resident, and sarpanch of the village expressed his concern saying, “The current location of the segregation shed is causing problems for us. People from nearby villages dump their garbage here leading to the spread of infections. Moreover, dogs and other wild animals have started frequenting the area, posing a danger to the villagers, especially children.”

Aurangzeeb Khan, another local resident, emphasized the impact of the shed’s location on the health and safety of the community, stating, “The shed is located right in the middle of our daily commute route, and it is unhygienic and hazardous. We have requested the authorities to consider relocating it to a more appropriate place, away from residential areas and educational institutions.”

The villagers have urged the local administration to take immediate action and find an alternative location for the garbage segregation shed to ensure the well-being and safety of the community.

They emphasized the need for proper waste management practices to maintain cleanliness and prevent health hazards in the area.

Block Development Officer (BDO) Lar, Amarjeet Singh, in his response said, “We have taken note of the concerns raised by the villagers and are committed to addressing the issue. While it may not be feasible to shift the shed to a different location, we will ensure that the garbage is cleared from the area within the next four days.”

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