NIT celebrates International Day of Yoga

Srinagar, June 21: National Institute of Technology, (NIT) Srinagar on Monday celebrated the seventh International Day of Yoga at the campus by practicing various ‘aasanas’ along with proper Covid19 protocol in place.

According to a statement issued here, Director NIT, Prof. RakeshSehgal in his message said practicing Yoga is important for human health and urged faculty, students, to practice age-old exercise which has various health benefits.


“We should not make Yoga day restricted or limited to 21 June only but should make it an important segment of our daily lives,” he said.

Dr. Sehgal said following the prevailing situation, the celebrations of Yoga day was mured this year and both faculty members, students practiced Yoga at their respective places.

He said Yoga helps in de-stressing and in calming the mind and body. Yoga helps in breathing problems and eradicating toxins and impurity from the body.

International Day of Yoga is celebrated on June 21 and this year University Grants Commission (UGC) had asked the varsities, NITs, IIMs to perform Yoga with the theme “Be with Yoga, be at home” for building immunity and relief from stress.

On the occasion, Registrar NIT Prof. Kaiser Bukhari said Yoga has various health benefits and keeps the human body active and strong. It takes only 30-40 minutes in the morning which is less than the time we spend on other activities, he said.

“Yoga is beneficial for everyone and helps in reducing the stress level in our daily lives, so we should perform it without any delay and or any excuse,” Prof. Bukhari said.

The yoga session at the campus was coordinated by Dr. Yashwant Mehta, Associate Professor at Department of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, and Dr. Vijay Kumar, Assistant Professor of the Department of Physics.

Dr. Vijay said the institute is glad to receive an overwhelming response from the faculty members and the students and it showed that a lot of them had been regular practitioners of Yoga. “Our efforts to promote Yoga as a part of the lifestyle have been successful,” he said.

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