PC hopes delimitation exercise to be just, fair

PC hopes delimitation exercise to be just, fair
Members of Delimitation commission arrive in Srinagar on Tuesday 6 July 2021.Habib Naqash for Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: Peoples Conference (PC) Tuesday said that it believes that it should meaningfully cooperate and contribute in the delimitation exercise being undertaken by the Delimitation Commission constituted for purposes of delimiting the assembly constituencies of Jammu and Kashmir.

A memorandum presented by the PC to the Delimitation Commission said the party was pleased to submit a memorandum for consideration and attention of the commission with the hope that the submissions made in it would be given due regard by the commission while delimiting and redrawing the boundaries of the assembly constituencies.

“Each constituency in a state is so delimited that the population of all constituencies is, so far as practicable, the same throughout the State.

“For this purpose, the total population of the state is divided by the total number of assembly constituencies in the state and the State average per assembly constituency is thus obtained. This state average becomes the guiding factor for delimiting the constituencies in such a manner that each constituency, so far as practicable, has an equal population.

“All assembly constituencies in a district are confined within the territorial limits of that district so that no assembly constituency ordinarily extends to more than one district.

“While delimiting the constituencies, the first step taken by the commission is to allocate the number of assembly constituencies to each district on the basis of the total population of that district divided by the average population per constituency.

“Where the entitlement of a district on the basis of such State average contains a fraction, the fractions more than one-half is counted as one and fractions less than one-half is ignored.

“As a next step, the average population in each constituency in the district is worked out by dividing the total population of the district with the number of seats allocated to that district. Then, the areas of the district are divided into the requisite number of assembly constituencies having regard to the average population per constituency in the district with a permissible deviation of 10 percent plus or minus from the district average if the geographical features, means of communication, public convenience, contiguity of the areas and necessity to avoid breaking of administrative units so demand.

“PC believes that the Delimitation Commission will adopt the time tested procedure and principles for determining 90 seats for the J&K assembly and the exercise just, fair and transparent so that there is no possibility of any sort of discrimination or injustice or perception thereof among different regions of J&K or with a particular region.”

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