Positive Kashmir to extend helping hand to downtrodden

Srinagar: Positive Kashmir, an NGO working in Kashmir, under its new initiative would extend a helping hand to downtrodden section of the society.

A statement of Positive Kashmir issued here said that it would organise a “collective wedding” in which needy persons from various parts of Jammu and Kashmir would be married off in a big event.

It said claimed that it would be the first of its kind event in Kashmir.

The statement said that Positive Kashmir is less than a year-old NGO and celebrates the work done and milestones achieved by it within a short span of time.

It said that founded during the second wave of Covid-19, the NGO did the necessary ground work such as providing oxygen concentrators to the needy and relief to the patients admitted in hospital when it was the need of the hour, thus saving many lives.

The statement said that the NGO would also organise a “first of its kind” major “under-lights football tournament” in Srinagar in which various teams from different parts of J&K would participate and exhibit their mettle on a bigger platform, thus helping youth, the building blocks of the nation.

It said that achieving such milestones would not have be possible for Positive Kashmir during such a short span of time without its mentor, Bharat Rawat.

The statement said that Rawat is fond of Kashmiri youth and holds interactive sessions with them on almost a daily basis where they talk about the impending issues so that the NGO could provide them with adequate resolutions and help them in pursuing their goals.

“The same feats would not be possible without the guidance of Rawat. The NGO will keep up the good work in future and work towards the betterment of Kashmiris,” it said.

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