Prices of essential commodities go through the roof in Bandipora

Local residents said that the authorities have left them at the mercy of profiteers.
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Bandipora: The prices of essential commodities have risen shapely in Bandipora with the onset of Ramadhan.

Lack of adherence to the fixed-rate list from the FCS&CA department has shot up the prices, locals said.

The prices of essential commodities as well as fruits and vegetables have skyrocketed since the holy month of Ramadan began.

Local residents said that the authorities have left them at the mercy of profiteers.

“Shopkeepers and street vendors including meat sellers are fleecing poor customers as there is no mechanism in place to curb overpricing and the quality of the essential items," Asif Mir a local resident said.

Another local consumer, Lateef said that the meat sellers are selling meat at higher prices.

Locals said that the fruits like bananas are being sold at exorbitant rates of Rs 100-150 a dozen when the rate is 60-70 rupees and no vegetable vendor is adhering to the fixed price.

As per the FCS&CA rate list, the price of potatoes has been fixed at Rs 18 (white potato) and Rs 22 per kilogram (red potato), onions at Rs 22 per kg while the rate of tomatoes has been fixed at Rs 26 per kg.

The green vegetables like collard greens have been fixed at Rs 50 per kg while the price of bananas as per their quality has been fixed at Rs 60 and Rs 70 per dozen.

However, the consum­ers said that these prices of the FCS&CA are rarely adhered to and no rate list is kept available in the markets.

In different Bandipora markets, tomatoes are being sold at Rs 60 per kg, beans at Rs 80, potatoes Rs 50 while chicken sells at 170-180 per kg.

The hike in price is seen for eggs while locally grown vegetables like Lotus Stem (nadru), Turnip, and Reddish, sell at higher rates.

Assistant Director Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Bandipora, Bilal Ahamd Najjar, said that they have been conducting marketing checking from time to time.

"A week ago we conducted the market checking and fined those resorting to overpricing and we will be conducting it again in a day." He said that the doctors are also checking the quality of the meat being sold in the markets.

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