Rare advanced laparoscopic surgery performed at Ibn Sina hospital

Rare advanced laparoscopic surgery performed at Ibn Sina hospital
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Srinagar: A surgery of the giant hydatid cyst of kidney, which is a very rare condition, was performed by the laparoscopic surgical team of senior consultant of Asian Institute of Advanced Laparoscopic surgery Dr R Simnani at the Ibn Sina hospital, Ompora.

According to a press note , the surgery was performed on a 72-year old female, hailing from the far flung area of Gund village .

The cyst was about the size of a huge watermelon (18cm x 20cm ) arising from the right kidney and has caused significant compression effects and distortion of the right part of liver, gallbladder , ducts of liver and one of the biggest blood vessels of the body. The surgery was performed through 3 tiny holes in about one hour, along with removal of gallbladder which was damaged by the cyst . The anesthetist team was led by consultant Dr Hilal .

Hydatid cystic disease is an uncommon disease which usually affects the liver, followed by lungs . The hydatid disease of other parts of the body is very rare, including the hydatid cyst of the kidney.

The only treatment is removing the cyst along with its whole contents .

This is a major surgery done by open surgical technique in which a very large cut is given to open the abdomen and remove the cyst and it usually takes at least one month for the patient to recover. However, now-a-days expert laparoscopic surgeons doing advanced laparoscopic surgeries are performing the same surgery through a few tiny holes of less than 1 cm. The patient is discharged within one or two days and recovers completely in less than a week’s time .

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