Social organisation on mission to save environment
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Social organisation on mission to save environment

Srinagar: Recognising the dire need to protect the trees and to protect and restore ecosystems, a social organisation -has taken up an important initiative.

The organisation is promoting the trend of gifting tree saplings for planting those on special occasions like birthdays. offers individuals and organisations an opportunity to protect the wildlife through the unique concept of ‘Greet with Trees’. This concept encourages people to replace extravagant gifts with the gift of tree saplings.

Grow Trees as a social organisation is taking initiative through its Trees for Hangul project to retain the population of Hangul in Kashmir as well. has undertaken a plantation activity of 25,000 tree saplings around the corridor of Dachigam National Park on Forest Department land at Dara, Sharasbal, Brein-Nishat, Wangath, Kanmoh, Khangund and Khimber Conservation Reserves in Kashmir.

Environmental expert Supriya Patil who is associated with the Grow Trees said, “The aim is the enhancement of Hangul habitat and its biodiversity and the replenishment of groundwater reserves. The Hangul population has registered a marginal increase in the Kashmir Valley. It is now 261, compared to 237 in 2019 and Supriya hopes the numbers will continue to rise. The initiative is also engaging and employing local communities in all stages of the plantation and spreading awareness about the harmful impact of wildlife trafficking and human invasion into wildlife habitats. The trees will also stall soil erosion, mitigate natural disasters, and sequester atmospheric carbon.

Pradip Shah, Founder of Grow Trees, shared the challenges amid pandemic, gifting trees and more.

"When the repercussions of the pandemic dawned on us, we wondered if it would affect plantation activities and environmental restoration. As people were confined to their homes, we saw a sudden surge in the number of people greeting with trees which enabled us to double our operations and plant over two million trees in 2020 alone" the organisation said in an email conversation.

"We are overjoyed to see that more and more people are opting for “Greet with Trees” and understanding the impact of greeting a loved one with a gift that will not get old, outdated or forgotten with time.

"Our projects involve the plantation of local species on community lands to ensure that the biodiversity of any particular region is not disturbed. The species to be planted in a particular region are chosen based on several factors such as geographical location, species adaptability, social impact, suggestions from the farmers/villagers and forest departments etc" it said.

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