Stake holders should be given space, acknowledgement: GSPFP

Stake holders should be given space, acknowledgement: GSPFP
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Srinagar: Global Strategic Policy Foundation Pune (GSPFP), an NGO, has said that the people who indulge in forcible donations or have done unlawful encroachment in the name of Sufi Shrines should be identified and brought to book.

In a statement it said that the rest of the stake holders should be given their space and acknowledgement as they are important component of the Sufi culture which is full of love, composite multifaith accommodative nature, has strong bonding with Pan-India community and social fabric and has been a bulwark against foreign extremist ideologies of invaders.

It added that India not only tops the world in ‘soft power’ with it’s millennia old principles of peaceful coexistence leading to prosperity for all and “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam” but has also emerged as an economic and a ‘Tech Giant’, a fastest growing economy soon to be the 5 trillion 3rd largest, with enough resources to build social and health infrastructure in not just Kashmir valley but everywhere.

“Our tens of thousands of years old parampara doesnot allow us to build it by snatching the rights of poor people, with a tradition of more than 700 years, who sustain their livelihood in the ‘nazraana’ given willingly by their followers and devotees. These spiritually respectful shrines have been literally handed over to those who have no connection or information about the spiritual and Sufi/Hanafi path and most of them have been illegally given entry into Wakf by corrupt regimes.” GSPFP will build opinion amongst all well meaning Kashmiris and campaign for restoration of the real rights of the real stake holders as they have been always with the national mainstream and have been always preserving this real Sufi heritage and Kashmiriyat. “We also oppose Dastarbandi ban and Poshakhbandi ban,”the statement said.

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