Switching-over to e-office: HoDs given final deadline of Sep 30; warned of “action”

Switching-over to e-office: HoDs given final deadline of Sep 30; warned of “action”

Jammu: The J&K government on Monday issued a final extended deadline for the Heads of the Departments (HoDs) to “completely switch over to e-office mode of working by or before September 30, 2021.”

It also warned of “appropriate action” in case of their failure to meet this deadline. Earlier this deadline was September 10.

GAD Commissioner M K Dwivedi, in a circular, stated that with a view to ensure complete switch over of the 199 offices (which were already provided with necessary assistance) as also any other left out office to e-office mode of working, it was “again reiterated that all HoDs would contact the Nodal officers notified for the purpose vide the government order ibid, by or before September 30, 2021 for any further assistance or handholding.”

“…After which it shall be presumed that all HoDS are functioning on e-office only. Failure of any Head of the Department in switching over to e-office mode shall be his or her personal responsibility and invite appropriate action,” Dwivedi warned.

Earlier on September 2, the HoDs were directed to switch over to e-office mode of working within a week's time with assistance or handholding from the Information Technology department. “Pursuant to which, it has been reported that offices of 199 HoDs have been provided necessary assistance by way of facilitating them with VPN connections, creation of jk.gov.in email IDS and training of local admins etc,” Dwivedi noted.

The General Administration Department (GAD)’s order issued on September 2 was in continuation of government order No. 363-JK (GAD) of 2021 dated April 23, 2021.

Dwivedi, in his September 2 order, had directed that for this purpose (switching over to e-office with IT department’s help), the Heads of Departments of those offices would create an official email address on email(@nic.in/jk.gov.in), if not created already. They were also asked to apply for NIC-VPN and contact the Nodal Officers designated for the purpose for the respective offices for immediate facilitation/assistance in case of any difficulty.

The Heads of the Departments were asked to nominate two or three local admins, having knowledge of computers/online working, as per format and share the details on tech-asstt@jk.gov.in, by or before September 3, 2021.

In addition to it, the Information Technology department had established an e-Office Facilitation Centre or Help Desk, which the offices or Nodal Officers had to contact for rolling out of e-office within the prescribed time lines.

These nodal officers of the e-Office Facilitation Centres had to closely monitor progress achieved in the matter on daily basis and had to liaise with the local admins nominated by the respective offices.

As per September 2 order, complete switch over to e-office was to be ensured by or before September 10, 2021.

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