Teacher deployment details sought for major reshuffle

Teacher deployment details sought for major reshuffle
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Srinagar: The School Education Department (SED) has sought details of deployment of the teachers in all districts across Jammu and Kashmir for a major reshuffle.

In this regard, the SED in an official communication has asked the director school education Jammu and Kashmir division to furnish the details of all such teachers to the administrative department.

The SED has devised a format under which the details have to be submitted to the administrative department.

As per the format, the department has sought the details of the teachers along with his name and the tenure since he has been deployed in other district.

"Submit the details of the parent district and also the grounds on which he has been deployed in other district," the official document reads.

Similarly, the department has sought details of the teachers who have been deployed in school other than their actual place of their posting.

"Submit the name of the teacher, details of the actual place of posting and the grounds on which he has been deployed in other school," the document reads.

The move comes days after the Principal Secretary SED Bishwajit Kumar Singh told Greater Kashmir that the department was working on a mass reshuffle of teachers of the department under ATD-2022.

While the department is working on reshuffle of teachers, scores of teachers have been deployed either in schools other than their parent districts or in schools other than their actual place of posting within their parent districts.

"Some teachers are deployed in SCERT, some are deployed in DIETs and some teachers have managed their deployment in easily accessible schools," an official said

Notably, some teachers who have been recruited in the department and were posted in rural schools have managed their posting in such schools which are easily accessible to them.

"Even some teachers are still deployed in DC offices despite repeated circulars from the administrative department to cancel their deployment," the official said.

The official said the department will collect the details of all these teachers who are deployed in schools other than their actual place of postings.

"Once the details are collected, the department may send them back to their respective schools and later go ahead with reshuffle of teachers on merits as per the transfer policy of the department," the official said.

Also, some Chief Education Officers in several districts ordered deployment of teachers and masters to other schools to fulfill the need of subject specific teachers in the institutions.

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