Weapons found in other parts of world have made their way in Kashmir: Lt Gen Pandey

Says number of local militants dwindling
Weapons found in other parts of world have made their way in Kashmir: Lt Gen Pandey
GoC Chinar Corps Lt Gen DP PandeyMubashir Khan/ GK File

Srinagar: Outgoing General officer Commanding (GOC) of 15 Corps, Lt Gen D P Pandey on Monday said that weapons used in other parts of world have found their way in Kashmir and rules of engagement have been changed to overcome the challenge.

He also that number of local militants in dwindling subsequently leading to exposer foreigners and so far this there was one infiltration bid this year.

“There are equipment, weapon systems which have been used in other parts of the world and they have found their way inside in less numbers,” Lt Gen Pandey told reporters here . “It is definitely a challenge. But we have also changed our rules of engagements and procedures to contest that point.”

“They have been found and they are not in those large numbers. But definitely there are signatures and we have recovered after the encounters . it is not a big challenge”

“These foreign terrorist, majority of them, were on the quiet. Initially they were putting local youth as the face of terrorist activities and terrorism,” he said.“As the number of local terrorist started drying down and coming down they are now slowly getting exposed and they are compelled to come out of their respective hiding places and anonymity to carry out strikes,”he said.

“They have started conducting terror operations against the Kashmiri peoples or non-locals and therefore when they have started coming out and emerging they are now getting exposed.”

The senior Army General said that contacts with them are happening slowly. “Foreigners are now feeling compelled to come out of their hideouts and that is why they are getting exposed and we are able to establish contacts with them of late,” he said.

Lt Gen Pandey said that there was only one attempt of infiltration so far this year which was made from across to infiltrate that was destroyed. “ Since then there has been no major attempt,” he said adding that there are reconnaissance and some degree of attempt.

GOC 15 Corps said that they (militants) have managed Aadhaar cards. “We have recovered Aadhaar Cards recovered from militants and these are challenges,” he said adding that when when there is an encounter If person comes out during a live encounter having a valid Aadhaar card, it is difficult to challenge him. “Slowly , we will overcome this problem,”he said.

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