Kashmiriat, Jamhooriat and Insaniyat!

Kashmiriat, Jamhooriat and Insaniat are the three words that ‘gloss over’ the issue of Kashmir when it comes to panel discussions, to any possibility of resolution, to justify wrongs or to draw a veil over the violations of human rights.
Kashmiriat, Jamhooriat and Insaniyat!
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Kashmiriat, Jamhooriat and Insaniat are the three words that 'gloss over' the issue of Kashmir when it comes to panel discussions, to any possibility of resolution, to justify wrongs or to draw a veil over the violations of human rights. These three words have been exploited to the extent of losing their relevance and seem to rub salt into the wounds in the present day context.

'Kashmiriat' is not something that needs to be taught to Kashmiris, nor by beating over the drum could be proved to others living outside Kashmir that the present generation in Kashmir is bereft of its real sprit. Not just the term 'Kashmiriat', its context, essence and significance is absorbed in the blood of Kashmiris. It is innate and is not required to be forced down the throats when it already stays alive, even now, in the soul of every Kashmiri. 

In fact using the word 'Kashmiriat' while discussing the issue of Kashmir is absurd! How would 'Kashmiriat' resolve the issue that has dimensions outside the realms that define 'Kashmiriat'? The strings of any solution to the problem lie in the hands of those who don't belong to Kashmir, who don't even have far off cultural, emotional or ideological semblance with Kashmir.  In one word, who have no idea of 'Kashmiriat'!  It is not a magical mantle that could be donned to bring peace at the times when Kashmir boils up and put off when things seem to settle. 

'Kashmiriat' is like the color of an egg, the egg over which two neighbors are fighting. Ironically, the color is being discussed with the hen, who erroneously laid it in the neighbor's yard, so that she doesn't claim it. The two neighbors are fighting over something that doesn't belong to either and Kashmiris are subjected to grand lessons as to how 'Kashmiriat' would bring peace. The intricate nuances of Kashmiriat cannot be taught by somebody who is not a Kashmiri. Invoking such words exposes the underlying insincerity.

The essence of 'Kashmiriat' could be gauged by the fact that despite 60 odd killings and injured in thousands, not even a single Amarnath yatri was touched, not even a single non-Muslim family living in Kashmir was targeted, marriages of Pandit brethren were facilitated. Kashmiriat exudes when ambulances are being driven by qualified professionals who actually work in multinationals, free medical assistance is being provided to injured, community langers are organized for those who are financially affected by the constant 'Curfews and Hartals'.' Kashmiriat' is not a slogan, it surfaces when people shift an injured to the hospital without even informing his family, unlike in other metros where after bumping a person by an auto-rikshaw, the driver vanishes and the passersby steal his mobile from the pocket. 

Jamhooriat, again a subject-matter Kashmiris are best at!  Who would believe, after 120 deaths in 2010, Kashmir witnessed 80% participation in Panchayat elections. After all, 1996, 2002, 2008 and 2014 assembly elections hold testimony to the faith of people in Jamhooriat. And the next Parliamentary by-elections, Municipality elections and Panchayat elections would not throw surprises. But the question that stirs mind is what happens to this Jamhooriat when state Assembly passes the Autonomy resolution? Are these Jamhooriat oriented resolutions passed only to gather dust? What happens to Jamhooriat when curfew relaxation timings in the valley are decided outside the mountains encompassing it? What happens when mobile phone services and internet services are snapped only to ensure that the Jamhooriat doesn't show its real face? This Jamhooriat, in all its manifestations, is now scaring away even the political activists who disassociate themselves from political connections in the public gatherings. 

And finally 'Insaniyat'! Insaniyat has its roots deep in something that is called 'conscience'. Without conscience Insaniyat is as hollow as the 'present day Jamhooriat'. Insaniat comes at a cost and in Kashmir, that cost is either life or eyes. Now, those who pay this price demonstrate how Kashmiriat and Jamhooriat recompense Insaniat with bullets and pellets. 'Insaniat' smeared out in blood serve the lips that preach it with lofty sermons and speeches but having never touched the heart. 

The words like, Insaniat prefixed with Kashmiriat and Jamhooriat may seem appealing but these fancy words look good in speeches given under political compulsions. These words may decorate the powerful oration to placate the tempers, but are definitely not enough to bring peace. Something else is to be invented and tried!

(The writer is a post-graduate in Management Studies from the University of Kashmir)

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