Live and let live

This is in addition to the innumerable damages inflicted by setting ablaze the apple packed boxes, paddy crops and residential houses by police and other Indian paramilitary forces.
Live and let live

Kashmir witnessed a turbulent spell after July 2016. The life came to a halt for more than five months. What happened is a story all know. 

More than hundred people were killed, nearly five hundred were blinded, seventeen thousand  were critically injured and more than fifteen thousand were incarcerated. Despite heavy deployment of armed forces  lacs  of people attended the funeral prayers of Burhan Wani. Remember, after one year when the valley of Kashmir witnessed its historical phase of uprising, an ex-gratia was declared in favour of Burhan's brother by the state government which implies that he was an innocent civilian but not a militant. 

The million dollar question before all the stakeholders, India, Pakistan  and most importantly, the people of Jammu and Kashmir is this. How long this dispute shall consume the economic prosperity of this populous region and continue to traumatise us? Of course, Kashmir has the potential of becoming the nuclear flashpoint between the two hostile neighbours.  

This must be a cause of great concern for the World Community. They should also take a serious note of the political aspirations of the people exhibited during the recent Intifada.This historical Intifada brought forth a tremendous threat to the peace in the region. People remained indoor without any  trade, labour or any other economic activity. Roughly, the aggregate business losses were estimated to be 20250 millions of rupees  in five months at an average loss of 135 millions of rupees daily.

This is in addition to the innumerable  damages inflicted by setting ablaze the apple packed boxes, paddy crops and residential houses by police and other Indian paramilitary forces. Again  the people, especially the youth braved bullets, pellets and teargas shells on every nook and corner of the state. People were fighting for their legitimate right  to Self Determination. The writing on the wall is clear. People of Kashmir had not surrendered before New Delhi during the last seven decades.

The Resistance Movement finds a rich potential in this Intifada. So we shall have to imagine the gravity and hyper sensitivity of this problem. We are living in  a nuclear zone. India, Pakistan, China, and now North Korea are all nuclear powers of the same region. We cannot live with atom bombs. Sanity and humanity compels us all to keep in mind the vulnerability of this long prevailing hostility between these interrelated and interdependent  nuclear powers.  So the loud and clear message of Kashmir Intifada is  – let us all keep up the Universal Doctrine  `live and let live'. Respect the will of the people of Jammu and Kashmir  who demand their Right to Self Determination. This is the only way to  get rid of a nuclear clash  which can destroy the whole region one day. May that day not come. 

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