Living in denial

What will Modi and a host of his aides gain in what they say’ exposing’ Pakistan in Baluchistan, Gilgit and Pakistan administered Kashmir?
Living  in denial
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The 15 August speech from ramparts of red fort reflected that PM Modi was wiser to play Nero and  regurgitate the past accusations and dig out some pretense to  divert the attention from  main issue of Kashmir. Not fully satisfied, Modi Ji this time manufactured a ' neutralizer' from  distant 'relatives' against embarrassing, rather vulnerable, position of India on Kashmir. But I am afraid all these measures are not only counter productive, but prune to evoke laughter. 

For the past 50 days Kashmir is up against a system that has only one remedy for all ailments– curfew, restrictions, concertina wires and information embargo, bullet and pellet and aggression. That loves to crush dissent and protests through brute force, to the extent that weapons inflicting blindness are venerated to the category of non-lethal. They say Kashmiris are ' our own people', but the bowl of hell the Mehbooba-led PDP-BJP alliance have turned it into and the pathetic coldness of Indians, including its civil society, reflect the stink dichotomy. What we are witnessing today is a mockery of democracy, a shame in the name of ' people's representatives'. The disconnect between government and people is unbridgeable. The administration is catastrophically paralyzed. Mehbooba is in chair not because of trust of people—which she has since long forfeited—, but on the soaring adrenalin  of ' security force'.  Were this type of situation happened elsewhere in India, even the highest seat of judiciary would have stepped in and taken a suo moto cognizance. But this is Kashmir, they all sleep on the humanitarian aspect and prefer to be on the 'us' side of the binary.

They  are fully aware of the historical perspective of Kashmir, more so its having an indigenous character. It is 70 years-old problem, lingering on. Even snaring a leader of Abdullah's charisma could not relieve India of the pain. Nor the coercive measures forced people into submission. Everything in their arsenal they tried but in defiance and resistance they got the answer. Kashmir storms to demolish the state-peddled narrative even when ' 80 percent' people vote in elections  Only to reinforce the sensible that  issues of grievances and larger political question of aspirations and sentiments  are two separate things and need different mechanism to address. 

Whether or not  Pakistan ' glorifies' the local  militants as ' martyrs'– who India brands as ' terrorists'—is immaterial, the main thing is people's perception and emotional attachment at local turf. Burhan may be a ' terrorist' in the eyes of some, but when over two lakh people attend his funeral–hundred times bigger than former CM Mufi Sayed's funeral attendance—then the allegation that Pakistan sponsors 'terrorism' loses substance.  If sentiment is not the decisive factor in attributing the ' glory'  to the blood of a person, then  British version about Baghat Singh would have not been challenged by the Indian people. His portrait would not have adorned the walls of parliament alongside ' nonviolent' MK Gandhi.

 No one in the world is ready to sacrifice his life for what Mehbooba Mufti denounces as ' halla gulla'. Nor take bullets on his chests or pellets in his eyes on mere ' provocation' from Pakistan, as Modi Ji blames. Life is invaluable. No inducement or treasure is worth it. If people flood streets on remote control, Delhi is more resourceful  and more  powerful to bring  the equalizer to sing her narrative. There will be no need to choke dissident and curb protests. But naked reality is those trusted lackeys Delhi groomed and banked upon for the last 7 decades and projected as ' elected representatives' are scared of their constituencies.  They are on expired mandate. They should have resigned many weeks before. But sullied in conscience they keep on shaming  what India takes pride of. 'Democracy'.

What will Modi and a host of his aides gain in what they say' exposing' Pakistan in Baluchistan, Gilgit and Pakistan administered Kashmir? Will it in any way bail it out of the crisis it has created of its own in Kashmir? Certainly not. The problem in its entirety is here, having roots dig in falsified promises and countless betrayals. India is chasing the shadow  in focusing  across the LoC or border. Gilgit and PaK are part of Kashmir and world knows till this date there has not been any restlessness, not to speak of rebellion, against Islamabad. Even Gilgit is demanding vociferously its integration as 5th province in Pakistan. Forget for a moment their Pakistan tilt, do they have any love for Delhi? As for as Baluchistan is concerned, it is as genuine integral part of Pakistan as, for example, Indian  Punjab, Assam or Manipur are of India.  Baluchistan like other state in India has no external dimension, no international character, no UN Military Observer's Group office or dozens of Security Council resolutions calling for plebiscite, accepted by both India and Pakistan.  That is  where Kashmir is  a  disputed territory, not ' integral par or 'jugular vein' of either. If Baluchistan is a troubling spot for Pakistan, India too have similar troubling spots to the  advantage of her enemies.  This is, however, not to  gloss over the alleged Pakistan human rights violations in Baluchistan. But India too is in no position to pontificate. 

The aggressive posturing  sans of political maturity. It is an attempt to undermine the gravity of prevailing crisis in Kashmir, put covers on it, dilute its intensity and evade the responsibility. Modi in his speech was quite insensitive to the sufferings of Kashmiris. This narrow jacketed rigid approach of dealing the problem as mere law and order situation that warrants cut and paste digitally administered solution has  failed in past and is sure to meet the same fate. The post- Burhan phase uprising has grown much ahead in mass appeal and outreach and has taken the entire population in its arms. A  whole population cannot be wiped out, therefore only route is peaceful means , a true democratic approach. The key lies with India.

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