Living in interesting times

Genuine tragedies in the world are not conflicts between right and wrong. They are conflicts between two rights. Our conflict is also considered the conflict of two rights. Theirs and ours......try to understand.
Living in interesting times
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Chinese curse  "let us live in interesting times"  has really cast its spell on our past four generations. Burhan to Rafi to Manan and many more are writing our history with their red hot blood.

Since partition, we are only watching bloodshed, facing humiliation and seeing our youth being killed in encounters and fake encounters. We are heading to total annihilation of our young, children and old. Who cares!

In the present world of ultra nationalism which some rename growing "populist movements", the political disagreements or hegemonic beliefs are taking the toll  on poor, suppressed and subjugated populations. The dissidents or opponents to this new system of belief are clustered together into "anti national, leaving no friend or supporter to weep or moan after you disappear in mysterious circumstances. What more proof we demand of our interesting times when we are clueless about  the disappearance of Interpol chief or mysterious killing of Khashogi in Saudi embassy because the world is run by Freemasons who are not only invisible but murderous also. Their mantra goes on "let you all rot in hell and let you live in interesting times". And, we really rot in interesting times. 

Ultra nationalist band has become Political mafia which change societies to people to personalities to beliefs. They can kill, maim or humiliate whosoever they think should rot in hell as they have achieved divine power to eliminate "rogue elements" they  dislike. We are all rogue elements and deserve total annihilation.

In this mysterious world of masonry, nobody dares to bother or murmur or shout, hey! What are you doing to this society?  Your political roadmap was meant to be safer world, you have turned it into real hell. Why were we taken as duffers with false hope or broken promises?  

Look at those some weak voices, they are breaking through the corners. The "institutional mechanism" is cracking that is changing the society into rag picking but it has no takers or buyers now because Ganga has truly started to change direction. All institutions, which were  the epitome of shared values, culture and civilisation are getting coloured in one shade, the society is losing strength to resist, the crowd follows and accepts all the changes blindfolded. From judiciary to commission's to independent institutions, the single colour code is leaving different impact on the other shades of society who feel dejected, demoralised and annihilated every moment of their existence. 

Once the Rule of law was the biggest endeavour after the bloodied partition of the subcontinent. No matter, how powerful or strong the persons or parties were, the sword of law was on every head and did bring tremendous positivity among the downtrodden and deprived or marginalised population of the countries. In recent years, the rule has changed into rule of no law, goons are becoming jurists and rights are becoming abuses of lesser children. Alas! there comes no whisper from those who boasted of being saviours of humans, Look towards Middle East, all divided, destroyed and annihilated to the degree of no return to any semblance of mere normality. Does anybody care? Or does any champion of human rights issue a mere statement about the violations or express sympathy with dying children or women. No, why would any country, organisation or political party like to loose its blessing from the Freemasons of the world. 

Syria has been obliterated, Iraq is left with the ruins of Babylon and Afghanistan is demolished. Iran on radar and Turkey on suicide mission. Millions homeless, tens of thousands killed, many more orphaned… who cares? Which agency or organisation will take risk in losing funding to resources which come from the coffers of the masonry. When presidents and prime ministers of the powerful countries display hate and anger or give tacit approval for persecution and elimination of immigrants to asylum seekers or the " escapist survivors" of the war machinists, why would the rest of the world show concern of empathy with them. Every other day, we see border skirmishes between India and Pakistan, Syria and Turkey or Yemen and Saudi, why would society bother even if we are at the brink of full blown nuclear war. Economics of warfare is hand in glove with politics, it kills hundreds of innocents or poor souls,  it fills the coffers of war machinists so why would they care about the society that has been so brutalised that they feel like getting rid of the poor population. Hitler's policy of " selective breeding" was opposed tooth and nail by the West but doesn't the current scenario represent the "selective killing" of innocent people who by the dint of destiny live in the interesting times.

Today, society feel elated by watching lynching of a poor people and upload it to make its reach to every corner of the world so that this gains popularity among majority, thus,  becoming one glamorous sport.  Bravo technology; the more you watch, the more society becomes insensitive, benefiting the new breed of cannibal politicians who live on the blood of innocent people. 

Just a slogan is enough to finish the communities you dislike.. just coin a jihad or honour killing or beef eating or raising tricolour to favour rapists, you are bound to get disappear or lose tongue in accident. And, the whole world watches silently. One statement in favour of poor people can end defence contract. One voice against territorial violation will finish deal on heavy arms… this is the interesting times we live in. So, the only lesson of our times is save life if you can. There might be a better chance tomorrow if you survive this life. Anybody plays with his or her life to hope or dream to achieve something or teach "them" a lesson is an idiot and needs to think hundred times before sacrificing precious life. Save it and believe that interesting times are going to stay with us for long. 

Genuine tragedies in the world are not conflicts between right and wrong. They are conflicts between two rights. Our conflict is also considered the conflict of two rights. Theirs and ours……try to understand.

(The writer is a senior journalist and a Penguin author)

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