May good sense prevail
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May good sense prevail

But the situation all of sudden took a new turn as North Korea not only showed its willingness to negotiate directly with South Korea without any direct involvement of US or China.

North Korea in the past few years, more than often, has remained in the news, but unfortunately for wrong reasons. As it has conducted one after the other nuclear test and successfully launched several long range ballistic missiles. Capable of carrying its nuclear war heads across the continent bringing almost all the coastal cities of America within its range and target. Just to make the world understand that they mean business and threaten it's immediate neighbouring countries, like South Korea and Japan with dire consequences, for providing military bases to the US, in their immediate vicinity. Which they perceive as a direct threat to the security and sovereignty of their country.

North Korea was a problem for the US in the past when Barak Obama was at the helm of affairs. As during his long eight years of presidency he was unable to do anything about it and resolve this crisis diplomatically. This way North Korea was emboldened to carry out as many as nuclear tests they wished and wanted. On top of that they were also able to develop a dependable missile system enabling them to drop these nuclear war heads on any country of their choice or liking.   

Donald Trump has therefore inherited this problem from his predecessor on becoming the president of the United States after his surprise win in the elections last year. He has tried his best and  made all possible efforts to persuade, China to exert all its influence over North Korea so as to convenience it to give up its nuclear and missile programme. But that was of no avail whatsoever. As China has practically done nothing to convenience North Korea not to proceed ahead with its ambitious nuclear and missile programme. China on the contrary has helped it to make UN backed sanctions as against that country as ineffective.

Donald Trump, obviously got frustrated with this kind of negative  assistance given to him by China in this matter of urgent importance for the US. He was therefore constrained to threaten the North Korea by his fire and fury remark that world may have not seen ever before. And wipe it out from the face of the world map if it continues to threaten the US or its allies in the region. Kim Jong-un, however was not bogged down by any of these direct threats but he instead lashed back with equal vehemence saying that North Korea is ready to use its nuclear power as against United States and its allies in the region if pushed to the wall.  Whatever price it may price or catastrophe it may have to pay or face.  

But the situation all of sudden took a new turn as North Korea not only showed its willingness to negotiate directly with South Korea without any direct involvement of US or China.  The current process of reconciliation began take shape soon after North Korean leader Kin Jong Un on the eve of new year day  openly disclosed his willingness to negotiate and participate in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. Thereby paving way for the peaceful conduct of these games  in the Pyeongchang city of South Korea. Not only they participated in these games in a big way but deputed a high level delegation of sports persons headed by his sister who is believed to be next in command.  

South Korea took immediate advantage of this offer and responded well to this goodwill gesture and has availed of this opportunity to communicate directly with the regime headed by Kim Jong-Un to ensure a hassle free conduct of these games. The two sides there after met again and again and agreed to continue to hold such parlays to do whatever may be possible to defuse this tension and bring the two sides as close as possible. 

However putting a halt on the nuclear tests and missile system has not been directly discussed or agreed to, because North Korea is not as yet ready to give it up or put a halt on it. As they have put everything at stake to become a nuclear power without even caring for its consequences or worldwide condemnation  faced by it for its defiance and actions.    

But 2018 Winter Olympic Games held in South Korea have in fact helped in de-escalation of military tension in the Korean Peninsula which otherwise was bound to witness a devastation worst of its kind.  

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