Men of Modern Décor

‘Inspiring interior design innovations gain market in Kashmir’
Men of Modern Décor
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At a time when Kashmir is witnessing encouraging trends in start-ups in absence of government jobs, men's fashion and inspiring interior design trends are creating a new wave here.

“Typically, men don’t often talk about interiors. We just love things attached to us but when it comes to how we arrange the spaces we live in we’re usually silent. And it shows. Men’s homes are either left to their partners,” says Mufti Akeel, owner, Indoors Décor.

Ahmad, who has studied MBA and Marketing from IIPM Bangalore came back from the southern city and started his business in Kashmir.

“In Kashmir to go for any big business needs a big heart equally. It is a matter of safety, concerns and apprehensions,” Ahmad says. “It’s a daunting task but we’ve got to get out and start as a beginner to share that will make a huge difference.”

Ahmad says after coming back from Bangalore, he witnessed a lot of businesses getting shut and also many initiatives facing slowdown. “For doing businessmen in Kashmir, one has to undergo a lot of pulls and pressures.”

He says he has kept a lot of brands for people at his outlet in Baghat Barzulla, which include Décor, DC Furnishing, RR Décor, Rumors, Prestigious Textiles, GM Syntex etc.

“Kashmir crewel is something that can be promoted on a big scale and we are doing our bit in that regard,” he says. “Recently we also started importing Home linen & imported curtain cloth & upholstery, window blinds and beddings, besides doing installation process.”

He says that 2020 was a defining year for everything but especially the collective relationship we all have with our homes. Shutdowns due to the pandemic left many of us scrambling to create home offices, home-schooling spaces, and gyms, changing the way we use our homes significantly.

“Whether you are moving to a new home, renovating your current one, or for the future, it’s important to choose an aesthetic that’s as current as possible to help boost resale value,” Ahmad says.

In another interesting story, a youth from south Kashmir’s district Pulwama, established his dream project after watching modular decor on social media to make his modular décor.

Musaib Nisar came a long way with his success as an entrepreneur, After the completion of his studies, From 2018 he is running his unit, Himaliyan Peaks Wood Industries which deals with all kinds of Modular kitchens, Wardrobes, Furniture, Beds and other beautiful decor items.

“This young man has come a long way and his success is speaking aloud about his hard work and the effort it took him to reach at the place where he is today, Delivering all around Jammu and Kashmir he is a name spoken in almost every household now,” says Musaib’s friends.

Musaib used social media to his benefit and turned an idea into a profitable business unit.

“You will find the country making headway in terms of overall development and progress only if its youth have the enthusiasm to grow in every term,” Musaib Nisar says. He says “social networking skills, turned around his struggling family business of walnut kernels.”

Musaib has been entirely building an environment that promotes creativity of his field that's wood industry and provides opportunities for entrepreneurship calls for multi-pronged strategies implementation, since he started his business.

“In current times, social media is a powerful tool in the hands of youth and we also use it to reach every household,” he says, adding “Using social media networking sites for expanding my business is really encouraging. We now also take orders online and deliver custom-made furniture to his customers.”

He says that young people who are highly educated have been employed at the unit. “Despite having all the skills necessary he still has employed a young educated girl in his unit who works as a social media analyst for him.

‘Social Media & Startup’

Musaib says his idea of start-up was even built by social media itself and is solely dependent upon the network and technology today. “We don’t need to focus on government jobs. We can be self-sustained. If we brag about being intelligent creations, we need to think out of the box,” he says.

Both Musaib and Akeel are of the opinion that the situation here in Kashmir region puts off the businessmen and also the customers. They say that the curbs on social media earlier left a greater negative impact on their business and has made him suffer losses as his business is such which is entirely functional on social media.

They urged the government to support entrepreneurs and be their cornerstone rather than being a hurdle in the way of their success by the curbing and un-curbing of social media and internet services.

Pertinently, in recent years, feminine decor styles have dominated the market. However, until recently, many current trends are becoming just a bit tired. But now, the pendulum is starting to swing the other way. Clean, modern looks, inspired by men’s fashion are making a comeback. A sophisticated, gender-neutral skewing look is beginning to emerge.

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