Motivation and Medicine

Look at the grace he accepted diabetes, and started using insulin, and had such a successful tenure as a cricketer; a marvelous athlete who endured 2 decades of cricket.
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As a student of spirituality I will start by saying if in past you have hurt someone, showed dishonesty, or hatred, now it's turn to show compassion, and love 4 times more than the original mistakes. Now why I write this ? 

Most of us when faced with misfortune in business or being diagnosed even with diabetes or tumors say "Why me! Did I deserve this? I prayed. I gave charity. I never took junk food! Look at that person. He drinks. He smokes. He is overweight." This simply means two things. I am challenging decisions of God. Secondly, and more importantly, we remain in a denialand are not able to follow what doctor prescribes.  

I, as a medical doctor, in no way intend to link all disease with only our present or past action. Yes, diabetes is common with people whose both or even one parent had diabetes, family history of diabetes. But what about a Wasim Akram, the Pakistani cricketer. Such a fantastic athlete and diabetic  at 16? Look at the grace he accepted diabetes, and started using insulin, and had such a successful tenure as a cricketer; a marvelous athlete who endured 2 decades of cricket, including 5 days test matches in hot and humid conditions. His mental and physical health is a testimony to his humility in accepting diabetes, and following doctors advise. There are other sports personalities, scientists who by motivation and medicine achieved amazing results. Any disease does not create so many problems as does our un-based hurt, which begins with Why Me? 

Like what we do daily on our mobiles and laptops, let us delete all past hurt that we are still holding on to, because they radiate only impure vibrations to us and to others. Acceptance of people around us and not expectations can reduce our hurt. Hurt hampers our recovery process. Acceptance can act as biggest catalyst to our recovery.  As they say "When I change, world changes", lets give it a try and also keep in mind three golden rules of life.

1. Earn honestly as you spend it on buying food for yourself and your family members.

2. You become what you eat, so eat healthy foods. 

3. You also become what you think, so think honestly. 

We are all very much aware of the law of gravity. It keeps us grounded on the earth. Gravity ensures everything returns to a state of balance. This is the law of balance on a physical level. Hurt is biggest enemy for our motivation. If somebody has diabetes, which remains uncontrolled, i as a student of spirituality and science have just one request for that person; along with medicine and regular consultation, do one simple exercise. Instead of saying "what will happen if after 30 days mu blood sugar fasting  level is still 400". I encourage the person to say following "how happy I will be if after 30 days when I again do blood sugar test and level and it's 110". A person should visualize happiness rather than dejection. The person can daily do a simple visualization exercise when going to bed, which will be like seeing a source of bright pure light. 

Since no spiritual exercise have any side effect, there is no harm in doing it for at least three weeks. Patients of other diseases including hypertension, can also do such simple exercises of visualization, like mentioned above. But never ever forget medicine, medicine and motivational therapy work in tandem.

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