Ms Five Percent

Frowning in confusion, Ms Five Percent is one such character that seems to have lost the critical edge and turned nervy.
Ms Five Percent
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Well, amidst every tragic situation there are always certain comic factors that add to the injury. In Kashmir's prevailing predicament, many ludicrous characters mess around to make things worse. They act as typical jesters, least concerned about the fallout of their mocking declarations. They feign situation around them is super-normal and that's why play down all affliction by stupid oversimplifications. From threatening 'public servants' for failing to report during curfew and re-opening of schools when they are offered as sanctuary to security personnel, the political farce in Kashmir seems snorting with disdain.      

Frowning in confusion, Ms Five Percent is one such character that seems to have lost the critical edge and turned nervy. As a politician, she has surely bungled up. However, she has emerged as mundane mathematician who quantifies pain and plunder in percentage. She believes that it's only five percent of people in Kashmir who are out to subvert her 'kingdom'. With scores killed and thousands injured, she appears to have pitiable understanding of the place and its politics which she brags to have 'rescued' from 'clutches of fear'. She claims to have played a significant role in bringing down the scale of atrocities inflicted by security system on commoners, especially rural population, when she was not in power. Thereby, obliquely acknowledging the brutal face of security apparatus in Kashmir since decades. The one that she, paradoxically, justifies and defends with chop logic today! 

Invoking religious teachings, she brazenly ridicules the same people for 'not being thankful' to her as they are up in arms against the same system she incidentally heads today. In other words, it can also mean that she played 'savior' to just five percent of 'thankless' people who are enraged as of now. In that case, by plain numerical calculations, it even suggests that she does not enjoy mass following. Interesting! And going by her off-the-cuff statements, these very five percent are to be dealt sternly.

The fact is that Ms Five Percent is knocked over by the circumstances beyond her control. She is caught up in various dilemmas. Her group is festering with internal bickering. Kingdom is her obsession and killings around are just simple "hala gula" (brouhaha). She has to keep the ship of alliance rowing, at any cost. It can entail death, destruction and despair to any extent.

By offensive speeches and statements, the situation in Kashmir is not going to be all right. It's criminal to forward flippant assumptions and analysis that exacerbate the current state of affairs, besides strengthens certain forces in their covert agenda of regional hegemony and polarization. Pedestrian talk is no sign of statesmanship, and the irrefutable reality remains that when a state is not governed properly it collapses on the ruler. Ms Five Percent is missing an opportunity to demonstrate political prudence and clinch a respectable space in Kashmir politics. Contrarily, she seems to inspire fear in a way that is earning her huge antipathy among people. Very unfortunate, indeed.     

Of course, politics is a science to be learnt. It can't be always treated as a monkey business. It carries challenges as well as compromises. The choices between being compassionate and cruel, generous and predatory, sincere and cunning are too obvious to be taken on. The leeway for each variant is usually negotiated with political acumen that comes from experience and counsel. Ms Five Percent needs a team of spin-doctors to make her comprehend the difference between politicking and poking. As a Head, you need to keep your head cool. And be open to realities. What is rumpus to you can be a revolution banging at your door. It can be a shrill shout calling out for solution of something that you have turned deaf ears to. The shouters can't be maligned, maimed or marauded simply for the reason that they have started seeing through the protracted politics of deceit. 

Bottomline: Ms Five Percent needs to listen and learn. Twisting the truth and trivializing the tragedy into awkward arithmetic by playing more loyal than the king, won't shield her Kingdom.

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