HRD ministry identified 80k “ghost” teachers through Aadhaar

The HRD Ministry has identified around 80,000 “ghost” teachers in various colleges and universities across the country after the introduction of Aadhaar.

HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar, however, clarified that none of these teachers are from any central universities.

“There are certain ‘ghost’ teachers which use proxy methods and are apparently teaching at multiple places full time. After the introduction of Aadhaar, 80,000 such teachers have been identified and action will be considered against them,” Javadekar said at an event.

“The ghost teachers have not been identified in any central university but in some state universities and private ones,” he said.

While the HRD Ministry has asked all universities to seek Aadhaar numbers from all employees and students to ensure there is no duplication, concerns have been raised about leakage of data.

“Sharing Aadhaar number is like sharing your mobile number or email id. Sharing your mobile number doesn’t mean the person you give it to can see your text messages. Aadhaar works the same way. It is protected,” he said. 

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