PM Modi launches mega health infra mission

PM Modi launches mega health infra mission
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Varanasi/Siddharthnagar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Monday accused the previous governments of dragging their feet on healthcare as he launched a nationwide Rs 64,000 crore medical infrastructure mission and nine new medical colleges during his visit to these two Uttar Pradesh cities.

“All this work should have been done decades ago,” he said in his Lok Sabha constituency Varanasi, where he inaugurated the Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission meant to plug gaps in the healthcare system.

He said that the mission would also prepare the country to fight future pandemics.

Earlier, he virtually inaugurated nine medical colleges in different districts from Siddharthnagar.

In Siddharthnagar, Modi picked on the previous Samajwadi Party government in the state - not mentioning Akhilesh Yadav's party by name but mocking its election symbol, a bicycle.

“Corruption in medicines, ambulances, appointments, transfers and postings. In this entire game, some dynasts in UP flourished,” he charged. “The cycle of corruption ran 24 hours but the ordinary families in Purvanchal and UP got crushed."

Attacking the earlier governments, the prime minister said in Varanasi, “For those in power before us, the health service was a means to earn money and commit scams.”

The people's money which earlier went into scams and the coffers of such people is now being used on big projects, he said, adding that the government is planning big and taking an “aggressive approach” on medical infrastructure.

“Those who had been in the government for a long time, kept the healthcare deprived of all-round development. Either there were not enough hospitals in villages, if there were hospitals, the doctors were not there. Testing facilities in blocks were not available,” he said.

He said the new mission will address these shortcomings.

“It will give strength to the health infrastructure of Uttar Pradesh and the country and would also help high-grade preparation for facing pandemics in the future, besides bringing confidence and self-reliance to the health sector.”

"All this work should have been done decades ago,” the prime minister said. “We have been improving it since the past seven years but now we are working with an aggressive approach and on a big scale.”

He said when this health infrastructure is created, it will also lead to employment opportunities.

"We have seen that when one big hospital is set up, a big city develops around it and it becomes a centre of financial activity. This mission will lead to holistic health care which is available to all and is in the reach of all,” he said.

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