Nationalism And Extremism

A human catastrophe
Nationalism And Extremism
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Violence of any sort or loss of precious lives anywhere is highly deplorable. Killing of around 50 Muslims and injuring an equal number of other accompanying worshipers at Alnoor Mosque, Christchurch, New Zealand while they were about to offer their midday prayers on Friday, has shaken the entire world. Almost all the countries and the heads of the states around the world have in one voice and clear terms condemned this heinous act of white nationalism and far right extremism.

They have expressed their grief over this incident and expressed their sympathy with all those who have been the victim of this dastardly act of terror and have lost their loved ones.

New Zealand by and large is a very peaceful country and in fact has not in the past been ever subjected to any such horrific kind of violence or experienced bloodshed on a scale like this. 

It is a scenic country and people over there are mainly engaged with farming and agriculture. Prime Minster Jacinda Arden has condemned these killings and promised to do everything she can do to prevent any such incident from happening ever again.  

Violence as a means of achieving one's objective as high it may be by taking innocent lives, is not only unacceptable but inexcusable in a country which has absolutely no such past history.

Although incidents like this are quite common in the US and other European countries. Last year, in a similar incident at the Pittsburg as many as eleven Jews worshipers were killed only because they were allegedly to be helping immigrants from different countries to settle in the US. That incident as well was given a wide publicity on various social platforms. 

In the present day world it is not possible for the peopleor countries to live in any sort of isolation but all the people and countrieshave to come together for making this world a better place to live in. It istherefore the duty of everyone and all the nations to forge a common agenda andalliance to achieve this onerous goal. Otherwise we shall be deemed to havefailed in our duty and the humanity as a whole is bound to doom and perish.

Violence by itself has nothing to do with any religion, cast and creed or colour as is perceived by many in the world. At least this message is through today but unfortunately at a very high price and cost. People travel around the world, from country to country for a better life and tomorrow without any such barriers.

These dreamers should be free to move in all the directions. They are entitled to it as a matter of right as far as they work hard and fairly. It should not be a cause of any pain or concern for anyone. We are living in a competitive world and can survive only if we are able to change and adapt to the new world order.

Where knowledge is the greatest assets and the people who have it are a meaningful resource. People who for some reason leave their countries and places cannot be treated as a liability as they do contribute to a sustainable growth and development of the countries where they decide to settle and make their homes.

By treating these people as outsiders and hate them is a mistake of worst kind. From which no one is to gain, be that a native or an expatriate who may have left his country of his origin.

Actually this whole world belongs to all and all belong to this world. We do not have to divide or own it.

We should think and know that we all belong to one God and to Him shall we have to return one day to account for all our good or bad deeds.

Therefore our prayers for all those who have left us and for those who are left behind because this world is a wonderful place to live in and we all need to try our best to make worthwhile for us and for the generations next to come.

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