Nature: A Great Teacher

It carries important life lessons for those who want to learn

Nature is the fountainhead of beauty and solace. It soothes the heart, mind and soul; it refreshes with vigour and vitality. Nature is a best teacher, a great source of wisdom. It carries important life lessons for those who want to learn. Everything in nature teaches us something important. Be it changing of seasons, flowers or honey bees for that matter.

Rose is appreciated for the fragrance and beauty despite thorns. It has thorns to make us realise that we all are imperfectly perfect. We have both good and bad qualities; strengths and weaknesses. No one is perfect. We should adopt this approach towards life and appreciate goodness of others and stop breeding on flaws. We should neither claim nor seek perfection. Same is the case with honey bees. They stung us but give us honey as well, so when people hurt us we should not forget their goodness and all the good things they have done for us.

Seasons also come with lessons. In winter we see a transition from fruit laden orchids to withered trees. This teaches us that beauty is just nine days' wonder. Nothing in this world is permanent. The beauty of spring fade away in  autumn. It teaches us that time is like a spindle. Yesterday's richest can become tomorrow's destitute. It teaches us humility. Whenever we are bestowed with power, fame, and success we should not look down upon others, rather be humble and down to earth. For no one knows what tomorrow will hold. Besides it teaches us that when trees have fruit and shade to give, people roam around and value them but once they are barren they lose value. Same way many people value us as long as we are useful to them. Sad, but bitter truth of life.

Spring is a sign of hope. It teaches us that those who endure hardships in winter are bestowed the blossom; withered trees again bloom. Just like autumn turns into spring and brings life to lifeless orchids and gardens; our misfortune  will turn into fortune, illness to wellness, failure to success. We just have to be  hopeful and  work  patiently.

Autumn comes with a lesson that hard work pays off and fruit of patience is sweetest. Farmers who work tirelessly for the whole year reap the harvest and all their hard-work pays off. Same way students and employees who work tirelessly and honestly reap at the end of the year.

Nature always teaches us patience. It takes nine months for a zygote to bloom into a baby and months for a seed to turn into sapling, and a sapling to turn into a full blown tree. It teaches us that process of growth requires patience and time. Good things take time to happen. We should not hurry. If a farmer harvests before time he will reap a poor yield.

In the darkness of night, moon and stars come out to teach us to be hopeful. We need to remember, it is not the moon that makes night beautiful but night that makes the moon beautiful. It is often adversity that teaches us more lessons and make us grow stronger and mature enough to cope up with challenges of life.

Trees bend during winds, if they don't they will break. It teaches two important things. We should bow before the supreme power or else we will break, and we should bow our ego to prevent some beautiful relations from breaking.

Flowers bloom, fruits ripen and water flows silently. Same way we should learn to grow silently without boasting.

Nature made us realise that there is some supreme power working behind the scenes. Blooming flowers, dancing paddy fields, fruit laden orchids, huge mountains, oceans and rivers, ravishing springs, changing of seasons, alternating of day and night – all this makes a person fall in love deeply with the creator. Almighty Allah, whose creativity has no match. Heart and soul reverberate with appreciation and  triggers us to  exclaim:

"Fa bi Ayi Aala e Rabikuma Tukaziban"

Then which of your favours of the Lord you will deny?

Almighty Allah has always done miracles to give us hope. He saved Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) from fire, Almighty Allah created a way for prophet Musa (A.S) through sea. Prophet Younis (A.S) was brought alive from the belly of a whale. Prophet Zakarya was bestowed fatherhood in late 80s. Hazrat Maryam (A.S) gave birth to a son without any mate. Such is the power of prayer and Tawakal. Lord has the power to give us everything, provided we know how to seek.

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