Need to address reasons that lead youth to drugs: Rajendra

Director General of Police (DGP), K.

Director General of Police (DGP), K. Rajendra Kumar today said Jammu and Kashmir Police has to prove "it as a solace for helpless". He said the organization has a great responsibility to eradicate the menace of drug addiction from the society.

Rajendra was speaking during his visit to the drug de-addiction cum counseling centre here today. 

He said drug abuse affects the capability and energy in youth and is a menace that is required to be uprooted from the society.  He added that it is the responsibility of all in a society to work together and help eradicate the growing menace, which has risen to alarming levels in the modern society. 

"We would have to address all reasons that lead youth indulge in drugs, and will have to help in de-addicting drug users. Drug abuse makes a person dependant, incapable and finally costs him his life", said Rajendra.

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