New CID order in contravention to spirit of PM’s speech at APM: JKPC

Srinagar, Aug 2: Jammu and Kashmir Peoples’ Conference in a statement condemned what it termed as ‘the stringent order issued by the Criminal Investigation Department, Special Branch – Kashmir about the verification related to passports, government schemes and recruitment in government service.’

According to the statement issued here, JKPC said, “the order not only gives arbitrary powers to the sleuths of the Special Branch but also appoints them as judge, jury and executioner— in this case — to pulverise career prospects of Kashmiri youth and to push them away from the mainstream of the country.” The statement further reads, “The new law is unambiguously harsh. Most importantly in contravention to the spirit of the speech made by the Hon’ble Prime Minister at All-Party Meet (APM). The thrust and recurring theme of PM’s speech were that the distance of hearts between Delhi and Srinagar needs to be decreased. Such orders will not resolve or decrease the distance between New Delhi and Srinagar and will certainly increase the alienation of the people towards the institutions of government and the psychological distance between Delhi.”

The party said that ‘a fair trial backed by evidence is the constitutional right of every individual and presumption of innocence until an accused/suspect is proven guilty is the cornerstone of rule of law in India.’

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