No one from the party ever questioned Mehbooba during last four years, now they are only trying to justify what is happening behind the curtains

It doesn’t mean by any standard that whatsoever is being said against close aides of Mehbooba Mufti is not true, but the timing raises serious doubts about the sincerity and designs of complainants.
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With Mehbooba dying her own death and Mufti Sahab's every single dream yielding reverse results, Omer Abdullah is asking for restoring ground situation like it was in 2014. By saying so he wants to convey as if everything was in order when he was ruling the state. He seems to be forgetting that restoring peace has nothing to do with who rules the state as peace is directly related to resolution of Kashmir dispute. Kashmir resolution has no shortcuts, and by putting blame on each other the mainstream parties are just distorting the facts and are unfortunately trying to earn the loyalties of New Delhi, without giving any direct notion to masses about their real intentions. The mainstream parties have exposed their worth, and sincerity; courage and helplessness before New Delhi and with passage of time things are becoming easier for New Delhi to treat J&K like its colony and use elected representatives like rubber stamps. Everyone has a reason to be surprised by the allegations being levelled on their own colleagues by none other than now ex-ministers and legislators of Mehbooba Mufti government. Should not those levelling charges against PDP ministers and Mehbooba Mufti be reminded that when others used to level same charges against Mehbooba and her colleagues all these chameleons would not hesitate from using muscle power and throw them out even from floor of the house. Could any elected MLA of any party dare to get his known and unknown assets investigated through any independent investigating agency or a Commission. In fact most of the bureaucrats now implementing a martial law type governance from civil secretariat  are equal partners in every crime what the ministers and MLA's have done and both have created huge disproportionate assets by absolute corrupt means. Let these pious people answer why should not state accountability commission be empowered to examine the assets of every elected representative and bureaucrat if public representatives really believe in bringing truth out. No one from PDP or BJP ever questioned Mehbooba during last four years and now talking like angles is nothing but just to justify what is happening behind curtains. 

It doesn't mean by any standard that whatsoever is being said against close aides of Mehbooba Mufti is not true, but the timing raises serious doubts about the sincerity and designs of complainants. And they being partners in every misadventure and scandal, makes their hue and cry useless. Whatsoever Omer Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti or any MLA may reveal this time carries no relevance and will be seen as nothing but just as an attempt of frustration and diverting attention from the real issues that have led state to crises. While Mehbooba Mufti is reaping what she and her beloved father had sown, others celebrating their tragic fate may reap the same crops in future. The mainstream parties have miserably destroyed their image and pushed people to a point where they see mainstream politics losing morality, relevance and legitimacy. The perception on the ground that MLAs are always on sale cannot be true but the feelers have destroyed the image of public representatives and the blue eyed Babus are enjoying their time despite being the mother of all evils. The elected representatives of various parties unfortunately seem to have forgotten the days when even Dr. Farooq and Mufti Mohammad Syed would not dare to contest elections and even their own near and dear ones would prefer to keep a visible distance from them for the reason they being labeled as proxies of New Delhi and collaborators. God had given elected MLAs an opportunity to change the perception and get people of the state out of huge distress, destruction and uncertainty but they preferred not to learn lessons from the history and day to day experiences. Mainstream parties could have even made pro-resistance groups to change their perception and even contribute much more than Huriyat but after every incident they prove their puppet mentality. The failure of leadership has on one side emboldened New Delhi but on the other side it has dashed hopes of masses and the perception that not only political dispute of J&K but problems related to governance have no resolution and nothing will change till dooms day is getting stronger. Whatsoever changes may take place on the political scenario of Jammu & Kashmir in coming days, may fetch good headlines in local and national media but masses may lose interest and hope in main stream politics.

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