North pole – South pole philosophy

Whatever he knew about North pole and South pole was limited to the word floating in air about desperate attempts of political parties to join the two opposite poles which despite being pulled together for ten months drifted apart.
North pole – South pole philosophy
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It was one of those sunny hartal days.  Sir John, Jani was sitting on the edge of a flat plank of a shop in his neighborhood basking in the morning sunshine along with his friend. He was playing with two bar magnets, touching  the 'North pole' with 'South pole' with a click and enjoying the drag of attraction between these two pieces of magnet. When he would turn the similar poles towards each other, the flux at tip would not allow the poles to meet. He was surprised, his knowledge about attraction and repulsion of poles was limited. Whatever he knew about North pole and South pole was limited to the word floating in air about desperate attempts of political parties to join the two opposite poles which despite being pulled together for ten months drifted apart. If North pole and South pole of a magnet tend to attract each other why have they failed to attract the ideologically opposite parties, he asked his friend. Scratching his temple with his forefinger, his friend replied after giving a considerate thought to the riddle. 

Look Jani, the world is full of contradictions and these contradictions exist between the nature and man. You cannot compare magnet or the poles with the scheme of things that prevail in the sphere of politics and if you do, you are defying the laws of nature. Jani, perplexed and unable to understand the highly  philosophical statement asked, How? You know, Politics is something that is not divine, that is something that has evolved over thousands of years without any interference or sanction of God and this man-made abstract phenomenon has been largely skewed to enslave the humans. Politics runs on 'whims and fancies' of politicians, it thrives on fomenting emotions and agitating sentiments of people. It is the art of waving the sword to slash throats of others and to walk over the heads. Politics is not guided by set rules and procedures nor does it work on precise scientific principles and mathematical calculations. It does not have to comply with the religious teachings and philosophical reckoning. Politics is exploitation of issues that flare up passions and it is on the wings of these passions the politicians glide. 

And now coming to your magnets. The attraction of magnetically opposite poles have a scientific explanation. Nature allows opposites to meet and does not allow any kind of fiddling with its laws. The humans have a tendency to defy the laws of nature and they are now contending even to have marriages within the same sex  which the nature does not allow. You must have heard about the hue and cry on the issue of scrapping Section 377 of Indian Penal Code, criminalizing sexual activities against the order of nature. Taking advantage of nature's opposition to any kind of unnatural combinations we, the humans, have created semiconductors in which we use the movement of positive and negative charges to our benefit. The whole lot of modern gadgetry, be it mobiles, televisions, computers or aeroplanes runs on exploitation of these charges. The progress in nuclear physics, its use to our advantage is based on this exploitation of charges. And now our politicians taking a cue from this exploitation wanted to try this phenomenon of exploitation in their political realms too. They however, were callously unaware of their right polarity. Actually believing one party is the north pole and other is the south was the mistake to begin with. In Indian perspective, there are only two poles, one 'Secular pole' and the other 'Fundamental pole'. 'Fundamental pole' believes in taking extreme positions that could be religiously, regionally, or ideologically oriented.  Getting these two Fundamental poles, though differently oriented, together would be nothing less than marrying two different persons of same sex. And carrying the relation while believing that they would complement each other actually amounts to taking poison in bits and pieces. 

Do you understand, Jani. You cannot mix oil and water. Shaking them would temporarily force them together but you cannot hold them together for long. If you touch the positive and the negative of a battery, short circuit is bound to happen. And it is the biggest folly to stare at the opposite pole to complement you. The success of a relationship is directly proportional to the level of similarity. Similarity leads to attraction and attraction increases with the increase in similarity between partners. Suddenly a live high tension wire snapped down and touched the steel shutters of the shop where Jani and his friend were sitting. There was a big flash. The sound and spark flung Jani and his friend away with a big knock. When Jani opened his eyes in the hospital he realized what happens when opposite charges meet.  

(The writer is a post-graduate in Management Studies from the University of Kashmir)

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