On leaving the Commission

If the Commission has no punitive powers, why didn''t you leave it earlier.
On leaving the Commission
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In response to an article titled 'Leaving the Commission' (GK 27/06/2018) by Nayeema Mehjoor, I would just like to bring a few things to the notice of the author.

First, the very timing of your resignation. Such move can't win you any accolades, but criticism only. You were just to complete your term and you resigned. Your rationale cuts no ice at all. Second, if the Commission has no punitive powers, why didn't you leave it earlier. Third,  if you now realise that your holy passion of writing got hampered due to unholy lack of freedom, why were you glued to the crown of power these years? Fourth, going by the logic of 'good/bad' decisions, I think no evil figure in the world history could be properly put in the dock. Yes, it would have made sense,  had this epiphany of sorts dawned upon you earlier. Fifth, so you are talking about good motives? If you invoke ethics of intentions to buttress your acts, I can hold in my fists a baton of consequentialism to thrash your arguments with. 

Sixth, you prefer to live with esteem. Really? Are you serious?  I request you not to deceive people anymore. Seventh, now you claim to be an ordinary women just because you are out of power. Is it a ploy to entice the common masses into believing that you give no airs and graces? What an irony. 

Eighth, so you will provide us in your 'new writings'  the stories that speak of those thriving on the gullibility of masses? I don't think such stories do merit a read.

Ninth,  were it not for the irresistible temptations of power, you would not have joined politics in the first place given the fact prior to that, you would never tire of singing the songs of freedom.  Tenth, I can compare you to an official who after being guilty is doomed to be sacked. And to save his face, he submits his resignation well in advance.   

Lastly, if you may call a particular career,  for example politics – a personal choice, I am perfectly okay with that as long as you are honest enough to acknowledge the atrocities one commits – by accident or by design, but when on one hand you join politics, enjoy its perks to the hilt and on the other hand, implicitly deride it just after the divorce, that is unpalatable at best and ugly at worst. Trust me, it goes against my grain to judge people and or to criticise them, for being humans. We are not an impeccable breed, but sometimes situation demands so, otherwise I am as fallible as anybody else.

(Imtiyaz Assad hails from Drussu Pulwama)

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