Apathy: The Greater Affliction

We have to go through several and severe trials and tribulations to reach our goals
"There is no end to our struggles. We are always on a move, in search of doing things that can bring us comfort and confidence to see ourselves getting better day by day."
"There is no end to our struggles. We are always on a move, in search of doing things that can bring us comfort and confidence to see ourselves getting better day by day."Wikimedia Commons/ U3190069

Ambitions and aspirations to become known and successful are the driving forces that entice and spur us into the action. We dream big. Dreams that lead us to the destinations.

We have a hankering to strive and slog harder for our goals. We punch ourselves above our weight for our existence and prominence. The rich tapestry of life gives us ample opportunities to prove our merit and mettle. We put the best efforts to carve out our own path of success.

One has to go through the grind and do the hard yards all along the way. We have to go through several and severe trails and tribulations to reach our goals.

There is no end to our struggles. We are always on a move, in search of doing things that can bring us comfort and confidence to see ourselves getting better day by day. We strive hard for the excellence. Deep down our hearts, we always wish to see ourselves far ahead of others. We hustle for that extra mile and extra ordinary feeling. It is the quest for success which is never satiated. As if we are here for a long haul, we are over-confident on our comprehensive plans.

Once we get a foothold on something we put on airs and graces to be feel nuanced and profound. We remain absorbed in our own small world of delusions which per se are diabolic to entice us. We may succeed or fail in our pursuits but no matter what we achieve or lose, we humans are always fragile and vulnerable. We deliberately become dim and forget the bitter realities of life which can expose us anytime.

With each passing day, life itself unfolds and settles down our curiosities. The mysteries in due course of time are revealed. The delusions are washed off. We are left with no choice but to face the realities on our own. We have the crass assumptions about the people who we consider like long lasting companions. As a matter of fact, we have unflinching trust that we are blessed to have sincere and strong family and friends by our side who will never leave us in any adversity. But in reality, things don’t turn out to be the way we think and trust. Most of the people are pretentious who know when and how to play hard ball and feather their own nests.

Times have changed, so have our sensitivities. Apathy and aberration have become new cool and common thing. Most of the times there is complete and complex dissonance between what we preach and practice. The COVID-19 has thrown money wrenches in our plans and progress, but at the same time it has exposed our dark sides as well. It has given us ample time and opportunity to find the extent upto which we can rely and count on others. It’s jarring to see the reality behind the maudlin faces. The purports are disgusting. The parochial attitudes have become so rife that we are not shocked to hear and see so many sordid stories grabbing scanty attention. It seems as if everyone is in a fiendish hurry.

Exactly four months back, I was appalled to hear about the poignant adversity that has befallen one of my friends. He was diagnosed with Kidney failure. The skies fell upon me when I heard that he had to sell his spouse’s jewellery and father’s house for the Dialysis and further treatment. Within only few months his life has turned upside down. It is drastically affecting his nuclear family.

The treatment is costing him a bundle. It had already burnt huge hole in his pocket. Unlike anyone else, he was a maverick and dignified person. Now he could hardly make ends meet. He was hit hard when he had to make piecemeal payments for his son’s school fee. His hard-earned business is also on the verge of decline.

He has not spurned any offer of financial help which as a fact of matter hardly anyone has offered. His close associates have started copping out. Most of the people have also stopped commiserating with him in this unfortunate situation. Its egregious.

My friend is going through an interminable pain. He is feeling trepidation. More than anything else, he is worried about the anticipated medical expenditure. The fallout of this life threatening disease seem to exacerbate everything else. Future seems bleak and recovery a distant dream. He is exhausted and exasperated.

Way Forward

In the bucket list of our new year resolutions, let’s help other’s with grace and greatness. Question our moral standings and find how we have failed as a society. If we look around we wouldn’t be surprised to see many like my friend, silently suffering in their ordeal. In life, most of the times, we have to face toss up situations.

The dangerous diseases can also sneak up on and frighten the life out of us. We can also get entangled in a life changing and challenging situations. We may also have to pay the heavy price for no fault of ours. The fear of dreadful diseases should lay a guilt trip on us. A natty solution and pragmatic approach to this grave concern is to dovetail suggestions and create a robust system with other like minded people.

Let’s accentuate and make valuable contributions, be that in cash or kind to make a redeeming difference in someone’s life who is deprived and deserving. Treat them with utmost dignity and decency. Our approach should not be limited to the cliches because after death every dead man is a good man. Let’s not wait and watch, act before someone’s life gets crashed down in front of us.

Our earnest efforts can aggrandise this noble cause. Together as an amenable unit we can face any adversity and assuage the pain of others. Can anything be better than this to have it on the top most 2022 agenda to bring back peace and positivity of the families who are putting everything at stake to save the life of their loved ones ??

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.

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