BOOKSHELF | Two young Kashmiri scholars publish a book on Islamic Intellectual Tradition of the Sub-Continent

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Two young scholars of Islamic Studies from the Kashmir Valley have published an edited volume on “Islamic Intellectual Tradition in the Sub-Continent”.

The editors are two young researchers and academics hailing from Pulwama and Srinagar:

Dr. Tauseef Ahmad Parray is presently working as an Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies in the Higher Education Department and Dr. Muhammad Yaseen Gada is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Religious Studies, Central University of Kashmir.

Both have done their PhD from Kashmir University and AMU, respectively, and have a number of publications to their credit.

The book has been published by Aligarh Muslim Univeristy’s K. A. Nizami Centre for Quranic Studies (CQS) in collaboration with Brown Books (Aligarh/ New Delhi).

The Volume consists of nine (09) chapters and brings together a number of analytical and thought-provoking discussions on various dimensions of the academic contribution of Dr. Abdul Kader Choughley (an eminent scholar based in Springs, South Africa, with a specialization in the Islamic intellectual tradition of the Sub-continent).

The chapters are written by both peers and young academics and researchers based in AMU and J&K, broadly in three main areas; viz., Quranic Studies, Seerah Studies and Islamic intellectual tradition of the Subcontinent: the thrust areas much close to the heart of Dr. Choughley—to whom this Commemorative Volume is devoted to.

Besides these chapters, the Volume has an insightful Foreword by Professor Abdur Raheem Kidwai (Director, CQS, AMU), and an Introduction by the editors.

Making a significant contribution to the literature on Islamic intellectual tradition of the Sub-Continent, the book will be of much benefit to the students and scholars of Islamic studies, Islam in South Asia, history and other inter-related subjects/ disciplines and area studies.

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