Embracing Life’s Challenges

A Guide to Overcoming Physical Limitations
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Abdul Hameed Dar, an optimistic senior citizen with physical challenges, has shared some valuable tips to help others lead a dignified life among family, friends, and relatives.

1. Embrace your physical challenges wholeheartedly, without any complaints or resistance. Patience is key.

2. Focus on improving your current lifestyle rather than dwelling on the past. Take it one day at a time and remain calm.

3. Avoid showing panic or distress since it is your challenge to overcome.

4. When faced with extended ailments, don’t lose heart. Instead, reorganize yourself, simplify your routine, and maintain mental resilience. Be self-sufficient like a commando within your health limits.

5. Follow a proper medical routine and stick to it.

6. Don’t overdo anything that could aggravate your condition. Follow the instructions given by your orthopaedic or medical team.

7. Stay connected with family and make new friends. Spend time with your grandchildren, who can be a great source of assistance.

8. Pray, meditate, and pursue your hobbies or passions.

9. Don’t view your physical disability as a curse. Accept it as a part of God’s plan and don’t worry about others’ opinions.

10. Always have a backup system in place for assistance.

11. Pursue a hobby or passion that suits your personality and be an inspiration for others.

12. Keep an eye out for schemes, programs, and incentives offered by the government or organisations that support physically challenged individuals.

13. Maintain good hygiene and keep your physical aids clean and handy.

14. Don’t underestimate your worth and keep your head held high.

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