Gauri Old-Age Clinic: A ray of hope for the Elderly

Exclusive Clinic for Senior Citizens Coming up in Srinagar
An elderly man covers his head with 'pheran', the traditional Kashmiri robe worn during winters, on a rainy day in Srinagar. [Image for representational purpose only]
An elderly man covers his head with 'pheran', the traditional Kashmiri robe worn during winters, on a rainy day in Srinagar. [Image for representational purpose only]File: Mubashir Khan for Greater Kashmir

Care for senior citizens is the key for healthy aging. Gauri Old-Age Clinic, an exclusive health clinic for senior citizens will be offering exceptional cost effective care from the first week of February this year.

The old-age clinic will be providing care for the unique health needs of the elderly and diagnosing and treating elderly patients with complex medical conditions including social problems.

The clinic is aimed to provide Holistic Health for senior citizens and treating the common diseases in elderly that includes heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, urinary problems, prostate problems, neurological problems (Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease), memory loss, sleep disorders, gastroenterological problems, musculo-skeletol pain, osteoporosis, gout, various infections and chest diseases. Beside physical problems, the senior citizens will be counseled for their mental stress, social problems, sense of loneliness and isolation.

The goal is to create comprehensive individualized plans for treating elderly people. Known as Exclusive Holistic Health for Elderly, the plans are designed to preserve their independence and improve their quality of life.

In addition, the caregivers (adult children of the patients) will be given proper counseling for preventing Caregiver Burnout. In the beginning, the clinic will offer following services:

OPD Consultations:

Senior Citizens will be treated for all their medical problems by the specialist for elderly called a Geriatrician. 


The elderly who are not able to come out from their home will be given an option of being treated at home. Regular consultations by a geriatrician will be given at their home. Besides, laboratory tests, medicines and medical related services would be provided to them at their home. 


You can reach our specialist using your smartphone, tablet, computer or landline telephone. You can schedule an appointment with the specialist and seek advice on the phone.

Telehealth facility is open to new and existing patients who have sought physical consultation in the OPD. Teleconsultations are beneficial for seeking medical assistance directly from our specialist for many illnesses and injuries, common health conditions, follow-up appointments and screenings.In certain cases, during your telehealth visit, the specialist can perform many of the same tasks for you as they would during an in-person visit, including prescribing medication.

Infusion therapy (IV medicines):

We provide a range of infusion therapies, including anti-infectives, nutrition support, hydration, pain management, IV Iron and medications to treat heart failure.

Vaccination program for the elderly:

The way we have vaccination schedules for the children, there is a vaccination program for elderly also. At Gauri Old-Age Clinic, we bring in elderly under this program.

Screening of various diseases in elderly:

Senior citizens would be screened for various diseases so that early intervention would prevent long term and permanent complications. Screening for heart diseases, prostate, neurological screening and cancer screening to name a few.

Palliative care at home:

This is aimed at alleviating pain and reducing symptoms of serious or terminal illnesses.

Under the patronage and direct supervision of Prof U Kaul, Gauri Old-Age Clinic is equipped with an in-house collection center and  pharmacy. Dr. Zubair Saleem, Senior Geriatric Consultant, specialist for senior citizens, who has 11 years of experience in treating elderly and expert in providing Home-Based-Care and telehealth will be seeing the patients at Gauri Old-Age Clinic.

We have trained, skilled and dedicated staff for dealing with senior citizens. Our clinic is located at the ground floor on the main road, providing easy accessibility for elderly patients.

Gauri Old-Age Clinic has a tie-up with Kashmir Clinics Group. The elderly requiring certain investigations would be done there without any wait and hassle.

Please note: The financial constraints of neglected and abandoned parents/elderly who are financially dependent on others or are in the unorganized sector would be considered and such individuals won’t be denied treatment for the want of finances

Dr. Zubair Saleem is a Senior Geriatric Consultant

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