How to prevent heart attack

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Heart attack is a life threating emergency that requires urgent management. Even after successful treatment of heart attack, person has to lead a compromised life and requires lifelong treatment. The quantity of life is affected to a significant proportion. Thus, the saying “prevention is better than cure”. A heart attack prevented is more gratifying than the heart attack treated.

A well-disciplined life goes a long way in preventing heart attacks. Healthy habits including active lifestyle, regular exercise, proper nutrition, timely sleep, avoiding smoking, avoiding alcohol and managing stress can help prevent heart attacks.

Proper treatment of risk factors like hypertension, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidaemia, obesity, obstructive sleep apnea with lifestyle modification and appropriate medicines can delay occurrence of heart disease.

Identifying early symptoms associated with heart diseases is vital. Chest discomfort that occurs with exertion, breathing difficult, fainting spells should be reported to health care provider. Early diagnosis of coronary artery diseases (blocked arteries) and timely intervention can prevent heart attack.

(Dr Hamed Bashir is a leading cardiologist of the valley)

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