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Winter is almost here, and when the weather becomes colder, we instantly get hungry for hearty, scrumptious meals.

However, it also brings a number of health problems, such as dry skin, cold and flu and other seasonal illnesses. Therefore, doctors advise making dietary changes during this season in order to stay warm and healthy.

Foods high in vitamin C and D, according to experts, are beneficial for health in the winter.

During the winter season, dry fruits, saffron, ginger, and cinnamon all help to generate heat. People should take the necessary measures when going outside. In the winter, physical activity is equally essentia

When the weather starts to rapidly cool off, everyone seeks a way to stay warm. Whether you enjoy winter or not, it’s important to pay extra close attention to your health during this season. Beneficial warming foods and spices can frequently be your saviour if you struggle with illness throughout the colder months.

A few wholesome and nourishing winter foods that can keep you warm in the cold season are following: 


Iron-rich red meat is a good source of this mineral. Iron is a crucial component for helping your body transport oxygen. Low iron patients may experience cold hands and feet or experience fatigue easily. Additionally, vitamin B12, which supports healthy neurons and a robust immune system, can be obtained through eating red meat.


Honey is very useful in combating cold and flu. Health problems related to our respiratory systems are more common during winter because breathing in the chilly winter air can easily make us sick. But having a spoonful of honey mixed with a glass of warm water and a few drops of lemon can keep these problems away.

Date Palms

Dried dates enhance our performance and can be used as a painkiller for colds or headaches. They also strengthen our immune system. They have a positive effect on the heart and are an excellent tool for the prevention of cancer. 

Dry Fruits

Consumption of dry fruits enhances energy and stamina and are great for overall health. Some of the best dry fruits to eat during the winter season are:
Almonds, Cashew Nuts, Walnuts, Apricots, Pistachios and Pumpkin Seeds. 


Caffeine in coffee increases your metabolism, which can raise your body temperature.


Ginger is one of the most well-known and most widely consumed for warming. Eating raw ginger in winter is a great way to combat cold. It also has antibacterial properties.

Drink Water

Water keeps your body functioning at its best and helps regulate your internal temperature. Dehydration causes your core temperature to drop, which may lead to hypothermia. People are less likely to drink water when it’s cold outside because they don’t feel as thirsty. You may want to carry a water bottle with you to serve as a reminder. 


If you want your body to stay warm you can just boil saffron in milk and also add raisins to it. Saffron is known to be warm in nature and provides immunity against various allergies and colds.

Root vegetables

Root vegetables like beetroot, carrots and turnips can withstand the cold. You can roast carrots for a boost of beta-carotene, or boil turnips for vitamins C and A.

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