Human is a real Virus

In the long run, COVID is cure. Corona is “Karma”.
Human is a real Virus
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Humans burdened earth. Mistakes are forgiven.Blunders land us in Jail. Humans across the globe have been imprisoned since wecrossed natural limits. The earth is healing. Homebound, we yearn to restartthe routine. My readers have inundated me with emails tossing countlessquestions about my last piece on how we can learn lifelong lessons from thiscrisis. I believe this is not a bio-war but as we sow so shall we reap. Karmastings. We are pressed to self-isolate ourselves. It feels boring. No? We wantto hangout and socialize. But ever wondered how long we have isolated our ownpeople- LGBTQ. They are mocked and teased. They have become a laughing stock.Why? Aren't they God's special creatures? They also have emotions and feelings.They get hurt. The community has been abandoned. They live miserable lives inshanties. They are fighting lonely battles with sexual harassment, poverty andostracism. None befriends them. Nobody is ready to shoulder their share ofpain. They are not owned. They are unwelcome and unloved.

As a researcher, I have detailed howorphans are treated. Step-mothers treat such girls as maids. Thy use everytactic to discard them from studies. Most of the orphans work aschild-laborers. They are exploited and pushed to the wall. They attemptsuicides. Have we ever thought how many times an orphan/poor girl cries too seeher henna-dyed hands? Their parents walk with drooping shoulders. Have we evernoticed that hundreds of girls in late thirties are waiting for prospectivegrooms but nobody turns up to marry them since they belong to "the other"caste. When was the last time we extended our helping hand to them? We need torethink and change our life patterns. We have segregated leprosy patients. Theyare treated as Untouchables. Widows are stigmatized. Mourning and merry momentsare barred for them. These are our own set-rules and we boast of being highlyreligious. Kindly revisit this 'religiosity'.

We are morally bankrupt. Our mannerism ison ventilator. The Virus is a reflection of the collective evil in theworld.  Even in these testing times, our'social workers' and shameless NGO's are using hapless poor for publicitystunts during 'relief distribution'. Just to gain grants and fill theircoffers, destitute are being filmed and photographed and displayed on publicplatforms. This humiliation is unacceptable. Kindly spare them. I request these'donors' that God takes note of every intention. We take sadistic pleasure fromsomeone's plight. Please don't dehumanize them. Corona is a warning sign. Wewill be wiped out. Our extinction will be brutal. Calamities are sent to killthousands for a wake-up call. We have destroyed earth's eco-system. Now, therevenge of this imbalance is certain. The green-gold is stripped naked. We havebeen abusive to earth. The nature is upset. Anything unnatural is a disaster.Human is an ugly animal. It wants absolute monopoly over earth killing othercreations. Insaan has turned Insane. We are simply paying the price of ourwrong-doings.

The level of Injustice, violence andbrutality has increased world over. Innocent blood is spilled, roads arepainted red and we don't bat an eye-lid. We are busy in our comfy zones. In Italy, a 12 year old girl faceddifficulty in solving mathematical problem, she emailed her teacher. He visitedher home with white board and taught her with diagrams and figures at adistance. Our teachers are not even ready to distribute MDM's to poor. They arebusy gossiping, instigating, discussing perks, and enjoying fat-salaries withno work. We are safe and stocked in this lifeless world. Woman is the enemy ofother woman. Read how? When a newly-wed gives birth to a baby girl. It is ablessing. It should be celebrated. But her mother-in-law and other women makefaces, hurl taunts, she is being cursed, abused and at times divorced. Lookaround and see how women with all-girls are treated in society. What is sospecial in delivering boys? Absolutely nothing. When babies are aborted inwombs, it angers God. How many babies born out of unwed couples are thrown indust-bins and water-bodies? Ever pondered? So, Corona is cure. We are sickness.It's a God' reply. It is a bounce back phenomenon. Earth is undergoingchemotherapy as Humans have hurt it.  Itis a tight slap to us. As George Carlin once said, "When the earth gets tiredof humans, it shakes us off like a case of bad fleas."

We are a pity. We don't live and let live.We conspire to kill. We plan to destroy. We execute to damage. We are getting closer to end since life-expectancyof earth is almost over. Millions are craving to sleep under rooftop. We areungrateful to all the bounties we enjoy. Lust for power, control and greed hasmechanized us. It is high time to quarantine our soul and reboot it. The virusis sent to remind us of the important lessons we seem to have binned. Pollutionis all time low as we stay put. Crimes ceased. Rivers cleaned. No industrialwaste is drained down the sea. Rapes and abductions stopped. A weak creaturehas put earth on hold, minimized human interaction, taught us manners ofsneezing, coughing or yawning.  Everydaythousands of young girls are sold in flesh trade. Prostitution stopped. Nomischief and corruption. Air is fresh, water is clean, birds and animals arereclaiming their space. Time is a teacher. Understand it. Messing with natureis devil's hallmark.

Sorrow and suffering, misery andmisfortune, trials and tribulation are key ingredients of life. Let's repairrelationships, wipe away silly grudges. Let's flatten the curve and expand our hearts. Dial the hotline of love.Put down receiver of hatred. Block it. The only remedy is Love. Corona attacksall-rich, poor, and old, young. We are waves from the same sea. In Germany,they hang food-bags on "The Wall of Kindness" and we steal essentials from thehomes of Covid affected. As they say Kashmir ka baba aadam hi Nirala hai. Weall wish we could disappear in difficult times but in reality we can't.

Pehle dar jaate thay hujumo'n say

Ab Sannatay say khouf aata hai.

Everything has gone for a toss. Coronavirus will reshape the global order. This is the darkest moment of mankind. Allengines are off for good. In post COVID era, we will realize that we deservedthis much.

Acha Huwa ki Nizam-e-Gulistan Badal Gaya

Khushbu Laho ki Aane lagi thi Gulab say.

Our lives are not solid.  We lead money-centered and denatured lives.We are vulnerable to being exterminated. God doesn't need our permission totake us off. We can't challenge it. We are fundamentally on the edge. We assumewe have been granted immortality. Hardness of heart, obsession with status anda refusal of gratitude is what God dislikes. We are susceptible to suddendeath. Death doesn't distinguish between race, color or social strata.  The natural court is unbiased. We can't denyour fate. This world is unfree and stupid. As Albert Camus suggests in ThePlague that we need to love our fellow damned humans since life is a hospice,never a hospital.

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