Master Satlal Razdan: Tribute to a Great Teacher

The Transformation of Education Begins with Teachers
Every Student of Master Ji never forgot what they have been taught by him which was with greatness. Master Ji was a ray of light once he joined Biscoe School.
Every Student of Master Ji never forgot what they have been taught by him which was with greatness. Master Ji was a ray of light once he joined Biscoe School. Author

Teachers are not traders. They do not do business. They help people to give their best.

There is a great saying about a teacher the one who teaches us about life, show us the way to live, makes us as humans, is nothing less than next to God. Teachers are a special blessings from God to us, they are the ones who not only build a good nation but also to make the world better place.

Teacher teaches us three Ps (Pen, Paper & Person); also makes us understand how Pen  scores over Sword. Teachers are much esteemed in a society as they elevate the living standards of people.

We have great examples of teachers with us. One greatest example is Master Satlal Razdan, also known with the name of Master Ji. Master Satlal Razdan was equipped with top edge teaching ability.

Master Ji had great skills in terms of communication, listening ability & of course empathy with patience. Master Ji was Head Master at Tyndale Biscoe School (1962-1985).

He was a high level teacher who shaped the character & career of many students. Master Ji made Biscoe boys into real men whose motto was to turn their dreams into reality.

Every Student of Master Ji never forgot what they have been taught by him which was with greatness. Master Ji was a ray of light once he joined Biscoe School.

Since lots of things needed to be addressed at that point of time beyond academics, he was able to provide knowledge with regards to Peace Building, Values which need to be promoted and of course teaching with responsible resources.

Master Ji taught us how to develop a sense of citizenship and the responsibility with positive difference towards our communities and world at large. We have been taught how to promote a strong moral and ethical foundation, to fostering an active participation and collaboration. Our curriculum was at its best which ensured the students receive a contemporary and relevant education.

I feel I am very fortunate enough writing about such personalities who gave us a way to life, a way to build career. My words are few when it comes to Master Ji; writing an article is something far smaller than what Master Ji had done when coming to educational front. Master Ji has given his life (40 years) to teaching at Tyndale Biscoe School.

Whatever is being pen down here is what I have been told about a great teacher - Master Ji. And he was original and innovative in his teaching approach and unrelenting in his work. I come across people who have been taught by Master Ji for a reasonable length of time, world has not remained same as they were before.

A school usually has an everlasting impact on the personality of students. Of course a school needs to have good teachers, who not only help us grow in life but also show us a way how to make it possible. A good teacher plays a vital role in our lives. It’s like an atmosphere that stamps its print on the soul of an impressionable child who enters into the school.

This is very true about Master Ji, who inculcated the quest for learning. Master Ji was a multifaceted personality. Master Ji was a poet, an essayist and a columnist. Master Ji saw that students under his command should excel intellectually at the academics, physically at sports, and spiritually in there morality.

Master Ji was awarded the best teacher of the millennium in Dec 1999. Since he was a writer also. his book “Spirit and Science” was appreciated across J&K. I must mention here that post migration Master Ji served at DBN Vidya Mandir Jammu in the capacity of Science and Maths teacher. He was a blessing to the institution, producing exemplary results and promoting all round performance.

We are proud enough of Master Ji. His son Dr Sushil Razdan, a renowned Neurologist, is a reflection of his way of teaching, as Dr Sushil Razdan was also taught by Master Ji. There are examples of students who benefited from Master Ji’s way of teaching.

It really helped them to become good in their respective lives. I would like to mention a few: Prince Charles (King Charles), Justice Jan Sahib, Dr Farooq Abdullah, Mr Omar Abdullah (Former Chief Minister of J&K), Mr Altaf Sahib (Saifco), Mir Sadiq Sahib, Mr Gh Nabi Khanyari (ASalam Jewels/Exotic Gems), many Judges, many advocates etc.

I would like to recollect Master Ji’s poem which he wrote once on the topic “The Mother”. It will certainly refreshes the meaning of mother. Master Ji had a vision then, we see it now. Let me just put it here:

Poem on Mother

Master Sat Lal Razdan (Master Ji)

Your mother your mother Gives you birth, gives worth even before birth, protect you in her womb for three-quarters of a year.

She makes you, nourishes you, cleans you, washes you, feeds you, and in her lap carries you

She delights in your growth and in your movements, ready to undergo any hardships for you

She cannot tolerate your ailment or pain and nurses you till you are well again

She never complains even if you wet her clothes or you are a nuisance to her

She cannot bear to hear you cry or weep awake till she lulls you to sleep

She prays for your well-being and prosperity

She condones your mistakes & ignores your faults

Corrects your silly slips of tongue & speech

Teaches you manners, educate you & in fact the whole family

Do you love & respect her?

Do you touch her feet every morning?

Do you help her in her daily work?

Do you polish her shoes & seek her blessings?

Her embrace, kisses, care, and encouraging words bring you up

Even her harsh words and beating bless you and brush you up

That is what legend and scriptures teach you

do share her burden in some way and obey her, my dear.

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