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Do not lure yourself into performance-enhancing drugs if your goal is just to stay fit and healthier
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We as humans need to understand the simple fact that we need to create an environment where we start caring for our bodies as we do for almost every other thing in our life.

Let me talk about our own place where stats are very disturbing. We have witnessed an immense downfall of basic health and a significant rise in diseases especially those of Diabetes (type-2 diabetes), Hypertension, and Cardiovascular problems.

Even as we have to primarily rely upon medical doctors in helping us to fight out these diseases, there is need for us to dig deeper and find out the basic requirements for being healthy. However, there are certain important questions which one should ask himself for being healthy.

How much physical activity does one need? 

As a professional trainer, let me make you aware that in order to maintain and improve your health conditions you need at least 150 – 300 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity. You can also attempt vigorous intense activities of about 80-150 minutes per week. Besides, include resistance training to strengthen your muscles and the target should be to hit your muscle group twice a week.

Why should one be physically active?

For a healthy life, being physically active will improve your cardiovascular health. It also improves your cardiometabolic health which can lead to improvements in the  management of hypertension, type-2 diabetes. 

Management of body weight, however, is linked with daily caloric intake. Managing your body weight can help you to improve symptoms of many diseases such as pcod,type-2 diabetes etc.

At our place, mental issues are cropping up across various segments of populations and the situation in this regard is grave. Here, being physically active can help you in the management of your mental health.

In short, regular exercise can increase self-confidence, and help you manage stress-related issues.

How to approach your daily food intake?

First thing is to portion your plate and choose a variety of foods that are rich in protein such as chicken breast, egg whites, fish etc. Do not forget to add fruits and vegetables to your plate

Always try to keep your salt intake not more than 5 gms for a day, and maintain a balance between sodium intake and potassium intake. Eat regular meals, and do not skip your meals as it leads finally to overeating. You should know your diet pitfalls. Besides, you need to keep a refillable water bottle with you and keep refilling it.

Remember, you don’t need to eliminate certain foods, you just need to reduce them.

We are what we eat is something which we need to understand and the daily food intake has a remarkable influence on the way our body functions and overall health condition. So, the first step should be trying to keep a balance in what we consume on daily basis, the amount of physical activity we perform, the calories we burn, and the macro requirement to cater for the needs of the body.

I receive several messages and calls from our elder generation who are right now ready to follow a specific diet protocol, however, they are almost in the chronic stage where medication is a must for them. Here is the message for the younger generation who are ready to invest so much in other things but not towards a healthier lifestyle. We need to admit the fact that our daily routines are extremely poor and our daily food intake too. This combination is for sure going to harm our bodies in a very drastic way sooner or later. We need to read our bodies and we should always hear our bodies because we often tend to ignore the signals that our bodies give us now and then.

The best part about this is you don’t need to change it abruptly, there can be smart adjustments bit by bit and create a sustainable long-term habit. So, if we sum up it’s the combination of being physically active, eating balanced meals and reading your body at every step that can lead to healthier lifestyle.

Choose your trainer wisely

A lot of us are still confused and we still cannot differentiate between bodybuilding and general fitness. So the message goes out to our teenagers who are completely blank in this field at the phase where they have just started to incline themselves towards being stronger and fit enough. However, they strongly need to recognize the right ones whom they can ask for bits of advice. Do not lure yourself into the thing like performance-enhancing drugs if your goal is just to stay fit and healthier. They are not meant for getting into a shape which you can attain through your genetic potential too. 

Do not take pieces of advice from people who are not recognised to advice about such things, it’s high time to differentiate between the two, its matter of health which you can worsen within no time by just one piece of wrong advice from a person who is not even authorized to. An experienced trainer will allow you to walk on a path which is unique and challenging, and in addition to that, he or she will try to keep you motivated which finally will help you to succeed. 

Don’t fall into the trap of transformation posts of 6 or 12 weeks, it is all a marketing strategy and the way to attract clients. If you are really into it and you are impressed by the transformation, ask about the actual history of the trainer. There are so many factors which one has to consider before just luring himself into a trap that he or she has transformed anyone in just 6 to 12 weeks. Of course, you can see tremendous changes in 12 weeks and fact from the very first day when you start to adjust your food intake you will be able to start visualizing things yourself, however, my main aim is one should not fall into such trap as they will land you to follow a short-term plan which for sure is not sustainable. 

I would always suggest long-term, sustainable goals. To conclude, even a brisk 10-minute walk is proven to boost mood in folks who are experiencing stress (Quoted byBRIANA SEVERINE, MS, LPC, LAC, CPRP).

(Syed Sajid Kirmani is a Certified Fitness Trainer & Nutritionist, Specialist in Bodybuilding, Certified Elite Trainer & Certified Physique & Figure Training Specialist)

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.

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