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Aged people sitting at dinning table inside an Old Age Home in Jammu on 13 September 2018. [image for representational purpose only]
Aged people sitting at dinning table inside an Old Age Home in Jammu on 13 September 2018. [image for representational purpose only]File: Haseeb Ibn Hameed for Greater Kashmir


All older people, particularly retired government employees, nowadays usually talk about the issues that happen to be of the common interest to them. But one thing which is common to many is that they don’t want to die. As the Urdu couplet goes:

Ho umr-e-Khizr bhi to ho malum waqt-e-marg,

hum kya rahe yahan abhi aae abhi chale

Even if a human being is given Hazrat Khizar’s age, he will still say that how much did I live here, I came just now and I am leaving so soon. The point here is not that one should aspire for death. But, after attaining a certain age one should gracefully reconcile with the normal changes in body and brain. More importantly, with all zeal and zest, one should prepare for eternal life. However, some of us choose to enjoy this world to the fullest, till the end and as Persian couplet goes;

Babar ba aish kosh ke aalam dobarah nist

If we really want to give peace to ourselves, we need to realize that we are ageing and we need to accept it and appreciate that all that exists has to perish. Sooner we understand it, the better it will be for us.

Based on the above facts, my humble suggestion to my peers is that instead of lamenting on the ill treatment done by their children or not being looked after properly by their wards, we should help ourselves on our own. A few suggestions in this direction are:

We need to limit our expenses to our income. We should not get tempted with the things that are not in our reach.

We should try to make a fixed time table for spending the day.

Early rising is always a blessing.

Have a morning walk at least for 30 minutes.

Not keeping many expectations from our children, rather connect with the Creator more often.

Have a good breakfast and spend time up to noon reading and writing. Writing a diary is not a bad idea.

During afternoon hours enjoy gardening and listen to good music or watch T.V sometimes. Avoid watching depressing programs, rather see some light entertainment of news.

Arrange meetings or call friends, relatives once a week. This helps in exchange of information.

Have early dinner and go to bed early.

Try in house games and sports with your wards grandchildren. As and when possible depending on their willingness.

Last but not the least, have your regular health checkup and take medicines at the fixed time without failing.

My friends, colleagues and well wishers, hope to reach you soon in my next article .Thanks and goodbye.

(Er G.M. Bhat is a retired Chief Engineer)

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.

The facts, analysis, assumptions and perspective appearing in the article do not reflect the views of GK .

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