Physical Disability and Senior Citizens

I myself became physically challenged in 1993
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The 3rd of December, 2022 is observed as International Day of Persons with Disabilities. But in simpler terms to me it’s a case and a cause of “ONLY THE WEARER KNOWS WHERE THE SHOE PINCHES” I am telling this because after meeting an accident, I myself became physically challenged in 1993.

To me these annual wake up one day calls make no difference as I have personally watched them for the last 30 years- in terms of relief/care/resources/life quality improvement, blah blah, however, I saw nothing concrete being done on ground at least for disabled senior citizens. These are my personal observations.

Based on my personal experiences of being physically challenged for the last three decades, I would like to give some tips to the physically challenged fraternity. I am confident these tips would help in mitigating their daily life routines and help them to lead a dignified life among their own family members/friends/relatives.

=Besides restricting one’s life’s mobility to different degrees of physical restriction, kindly accept this challenge in its totality. Whether it’s by birth or it’s due to sudden trauma/accident, accept this style of life. No complaints. NO IF’S or BUT’S. JUST BE PATIENT.

= Don’t think of your past life – try to improve upon your present lifestyle and dispense your life on a day to day basis. The more you accept your challenge, the more calm and composed you will be.

=Don’t show signs of panic/ distress, because it’s your problem and you have to live with it.

=When the ailments get protracted, the human sympathies die down. Don’t get disheartened. Contrary, reorganise yourself. Show your mental resilience. Don’t complain very often. Simplify your daily routines. Like a commando, be agile, self sufficient and help yourself within your health parameters.

=Please follow a proper medical routine and stick to it.

=Don’t try to overdo a thing – as it might aggravate your problems and please follow the instructions given by the orthopedician or the team of doctors attending you.

=Make friends, stay in touch. Enjoy and have fun with your family. Grandchildren are the best choice to be your small helpers.

=Pray and pray a lot. Meditate too. Look for your hobbies. Pursue your passion.

=Please don’t take your physical disability as a curse. It’s lord’s choice, go by it and don’t mind how or what your loved ones, friends and foes think or rate about it.

=Always have a two tier system of help and assistance.  If one system gives in or fails the second system should be in place

=Add a hobby or a passion which suits your temperament. Be an inspiration or a role model for others.

=Keep a track of the schemes/ plans/incentives/programmes offered by the GOI or State Govt. or other department, concerned with the welfare of the physically challenged persons.

=Maintain good hygiene. Be always sparkling and take care of your physical aids, wheel chair, crutches etc and keep them handy.

=Please don’t underestimate your existence. We should keep our heads raised.

It’s very difficult for me to wind up this script. In Sha Allah more next time. Well with all my respects to the families who are having a physically challenged person in their families please sit with them. Give your company. Lift their moods. Don’t isolate or annihilate them. Be tolerant. Rever and respect them. Don’t hurt their feelings as God forbid this physical disability could be anybody’s game. Don’t hate them or their physical difficulties.

Ab Hameed Dar is a physically challenged senior citizen from Bagh e Mehtab

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.

The facts, analysis, assumptions and perspective appearing in the article do not reflect the views of GK.

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