Pre-Golden and Golden Tests for class 10th

Always give time to reading your question papers and see the questions carefully.


The prime objective of any test on the part of school management is to check the level of performance among students and to get the better results in future exams. Pre-Golden and Golden tests are the special tests particularly designed for students who have to appear in board exams.

It is a sort of self- assessment that gives a right direction towards greater success. These tests are likely to be taken in the month of August and September. Students are properly informed one week before for the exam date through official notice issued by the principal of the institution.

The completion of syllabus should be at least 80-90%. Subject Teachers have the right to set the papers in consultation with the principal.

If there is a separate well qualified school body that we find in public schools dealing with the supervision and management aspects can have a special right to set the papers.

But mostly subject specialist teachers are ordered to set the papers in both private as well as public schools under the complete supervision of school heads.

The level of papers should be moderate type and subject specialist teachers should take all the parameters into consideration while setting the papers. All the preparations and paper setting process is under the control of school heads.

School management should not take these tests lightly but to streamline the process of these tests effectively that would determine the individual worth of students.

A section wise question paper is an applicable method that has a great advantage to check the analytical skills of students that calls for concepts rather than rote learning.

These papers should be aligned with the board exam papers so that students understand the pattern by analyzing different sections. These tests check scale of preparation and performance level for each student in each subject individually and allowing them to analyze weak subjects. It would ignite inquisitiveness in them to set the new strategies for the final exams. These tests follow one after another.

Firstly, there is a Pre-Golden test usually having maximum marks 80 and after that, Golden-Test which is to be conducted in the same way based on 100 marks for each subject.

The level of paper should be from moderate tough to high level as this is a last test for the students before appearing in the board exams. In schools, class 10th students have to appear in board exams must undergo in Pre-Golden and Golden-tests prior to checking their preparation and progress level.

Students also need to be very serious and putting in all the efforts for scoring good marks that will boost their confidence level for final exams. Tests can reveal their true picture of progress and subject understanding. One can’t ignore such tests in schools as they have a longstanding positive impact on students that would definitely benefit them in outside exams. 

Following are the points that students should get to know before appearing in these tests:

1.  Revising the topics:  Students have to revise the topics thoroughly and write down the important points separately on any page for the questions that are concept based in paper carrying 1 to 2 marks. The more you revise the topics, you will score better because revisions give inner boost that has a great significance in tests.

2.  Go for practice writing and solving questions: It is possible when students are sure that they have completed revisions for all the subjects. It is time to write down the answers of questions for practice as writing develops sharpness in our brain for remembering things. In case of mathematics, students should solve the exercise questions and examples seriously and note down the important formulas for practice work. It will help in time management during tests.

3. Math, Science and SST subjects:  These three subjects seem difficult for the students; it may be the reason that students don’t properly study them at home. There is no ambiguity that these subjects are so interesting in learning and often considered to be scoring ones in board exams because these are mostly based on concepts. It is my advice to all students that they need to devote maximum time to these subjects at home for studying.

4.  Checking the question papers properly:  Students often do not read the papers correctly. They always jump over questions and do lots of mistakes. Always give time to reading your question papers and see the questions carefully. Don’t rush to attempt the questions instead hold some amount of patience while writing the answers.

5.  Writing precise answers for 1 and 2 mark questions: - It is very important to check the marks given in each section. Students often write long answers for the questions which are carrying the least marks.  Try always to be precise as these questions need simple answers in one or two lines.

6.  Attempting all questions which are compulsory in each section: - Check all sections individually and find the questions which you need to attempt and never repeat the same things in answer writing.

7. Leaving questions unanswered is a serious problem:- it is a serious problem that students leave two to three questions deliberately. There can be two factors; less preparation and lack of concepts. Without preparation, students can’t do well in tests. Students can write answers in their own words to secure themselves when they have good concepts as it helps in tough situations.

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