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Is there any role of meditation in healthy ageing?

The benefits of regular physical activity, eating well and keeping themselves busy are well-known for senior citizens. However, not many people talk about spirituality’s impact on the mental and physical health of senior citizens. Daily meditation is a significant part of many people’s lives, especially seniors. For Meditation, all you have to do is believe in a power beyond humankind that has created all that exists. Studies have shown that meditation helps you age positively, boosts your overall wellness, gives a sense of community and gives life a purpose

I often have heartburn or acid reflux, please suggest some tips to overcome this problem.

As we age, our muscles grow weaker, including muscles of the food pipe and stomach resulting in heartburn. The risk and severity of heartburn (GERD) is higher for seniors who are overweight. Moreover, certain medications can also worsen heartburn. Usually, OTC (over-the-counter) antiacids and certain lifestyle modifications can provide relief from minor heartburn. To get you started, here are a few tips that can help you manage your condition:

Eat on time:

Eating large meals or eating late at night can increase your risk of experiencing heartburn.

Change your sleeping position: Experts suggest elevating your upper body to prevent acid from moving up through the stomach to the throat.

Be mindful of triggers:

Taking soft drinks or wine or eating pakoda or certain foods can trigger heartburn. Look for the trigger foods and avoid eating them. Some medicine can also cause heartburn. Identify them and talk to your doctor.

Cut down on smoking and alcohol:

Smoking and alcohol predispose to life-threatening diseases including heartburn.

Exercise regularly:

Regular exercise can help keep your weight in check and help reduce the risk of acid reflux in the long term.

If you have prolonged or more than two episodes of heartburn a week, consult your doctor.

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