Remembering Prof. Aziz Hajini

Professor Aziz Hajini was a truly versatile individual
Remembering Prof. Aziz Hajini


In the loving memory of Prof. (Dr.) Aziz Hajini, we mark the second anniversary of his passing. He was not only an exceptional scholar but also a compassionate and empathetic human being, embodying qualities of rationality, courage, resilience, and creative imagination, all grounded in a strong ethical foundation.

Born on March 7th, 1957, in Hajin (Sonawari), Prof. (Dr.) Aziz Hajini hailed from a Zamindar family, blessed with substantial land assets and other possessions, leading a contented and self- reliant life. His early education, from foundational to secondary level, took place in his hometown of Hajin.

He pursued his higher education at Government Degree College Bemina, Srinagar, where he graduated with distinction. His dedication and excellence were evident as he became the first recipient of the gold medal in Kashmiri Studies from the University of Kashmir in 1979. He further distinguished himself by earning a Ph.D. in Kashmiri Studies from the same university.

After a period as a government teacher, he embarked on a new journey as a Lecturer (Kashmiri) through JKPSC in 1992. Prof. (Dr.) Aziz Hajini's influence extended beyond the classroom; he played a pivotal role in the establishment and growth of the Cultural Educational Wing initiated by DSEK, which flourished under his leadership.

Prof. (Dr.) Aziz Hajini served in JKBOSE first as academic officer and later on as Deputy Director Academics. It is during his deputation period that Kashmiri Text books from grade 01 to grad10 were revised or prepared a fresh.

Dr. Aziz Hajini served as senior Assistant Professor in the centre for Shaikh-ul- Aalam Studies in the University of Kashmir for about six years. Lastly Prof. (Dr.) Aziz Hajini was appointed as Secretary JKAACL. Salute to this Ironman who started his service carrier as a school teacher and ended his service inning as Senior Assistant Professor in University/Secretary JKAACL.

Superannuation: -March 2019.

Prof. (Dr.) Aziz Hajini did a commendable contribution to Adbee sector as a language and culture activist. Dr. Aziz Hajini served for a long time as president of Wahab Dramatic Club Hajin now Wahab Cultural Society Hajin, as Media Secretary and Gen. Secretary of Halqa-e- Adab Sonawari. Dr. Aziz Hajini also served as Media Secretary and Gen. Secretary of Adbee Markz Kamraz. Dr. Aziz Hajini was elected as President Adbee Markz Kamraz three times and also served as Patron of Adbee Markaz Kamraz. Dr. Aziz Hajini served as Convener, Kashmiri Advisory Board, Sahitya Akademi New Delhi. Prof. (Dr.) Aziz Hajini published about twenty books in Kashmiri, Urdu and

English and received dozens of prestigious awards and honors at state and National level. Some of these are: -

1:  Sahitya Akademi New Delhi- the best book award for Aene Khane year- 2015.

2: Sahitya Akademi Award for the best translation in Kashmiri for the year- 2013.

3: Harmony India Award 2020 by Harmony Cultural Association- New Delhi.

4: Khalat-e- Shaikh-ul- Aalam-2008 awarded by Department of Information JK government.

5: Award of Honour presented by JKBOSE.

6: Mir-e- Karwaan conferred by Karwani Adab Dab Ganderbal in 2012.

7:Sharfi-Saqafat 2004 by Sangar Stage Kashmir.

8: Dina Naath Nadim Memorial Award-2014 by Hindi-Kashmiri, Sangam New Delhi.

9: Sharfi- Kamraz Award - 2018 by Adbee Markz Kamraz.

10: Khalat-i- Hajini-2021 by Halqa-e-Adab Sonawari (Hajin).

Prof (Dr.) Aziz Hajini played a great role in introducing Kashmiri as a subject in School Curriculum from grade 01 to 10. Prof. (Dr.) Aziz Hajini has done a lot of work in strengthening Literary and Cultural organizations like Wahab Cultural Society Hajin, Halqa-e-Adab Sonawari (Hajin) and Adbee Markz Kamraz only that these would create a space for young talent to flourish. Guiding the young writers in the real world of creativity has been his passion. Many of those prominent names in the field of writing who have carved a niche for themselves have been discovered by him. His way of fighting for the promotion and propagation of Kashmiri Language, Literature and theatre was quite unique.

I strongly believe that Prof. (Dr.) Aziz Hajini's thought needs to be explored further and we at different Literary organizations especially at Halqa-e- Adab Sonawari and Adbee Markz Kamraz will have to do a lot of work in that direction.

Bottomline: Professor (Dr.) Aziz Hajini was a truly versatile individual — he encompassed a multitude of roles including being a poet, writer, critic, researcher, translator, playwright, theatre expert, broadcaster, filmmaker, teacher, language activist, academic administrator, educationist, and, above all, an exceptionally humble human being.

Prof. (Dr.) Aziz Hajini passed away on 12-09-2021 at his Srinagar residence Kursoo Rajbagh. May! His soul rest in heaven (Aameen).

Sheikh Gh Muhammad, Retd. DIET Principal, Hajin-Town (Bandipora).

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