Shaad Ramzan's Post-Modern Quest

He delves into the meaning of life, pondering the eternal struggle between creation and destruction, light and darkness, and the ever-present allure of nothingness


In "Kour Kakud Goum Pushrith," Professor Shad Ramzan showcases his prowess as a mystic, romanticist, realist, humanist, and lyricist. The book opens with a heartfelt address to the eternal God, reflecting the poet's strong belief in seeking communion with the divine. With profound imagination, he explores the mysteries of creation, finding traces of God in both humanity and the cosmos. As a true believer of Islam, he expresses his love for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through Naats, finding hidden cosmic truths in his beloved prophet.

Although deeply rooted in mysticism, Shad Ramzan's poetry goes beyond conventional faith, making him a post-modern Sufi poet. He delves into worldly and social themes, searching for the ultimate truth. His yearning for the unknown and pursuit of enlightenment reflect his rejection of traditional Sufi beliefs that consider humanity as the sole purpose of creation. Shad Ramzan's poetic quest is to discover the reality of life and death, yearning for an eternal existence that defies mortality.

The influence of his teacher, Rehman Rahi, can be seen in Shad Ramzan's philosophy, as both poets explore the desire for immortality through their verses.

Oh God, if I could sink like a stone

Beneath the ocean of thought

And write a song,

Which life would sing,

And become immortal !

Here can be seen the impact of Professor Shad's teacher, Rehman Rahi on his subconscious mind. The concluding verses of Rahi's famous poem "Suane Lanki Peth" can be the best example wherein Rahi presents the same philosophy: Shad Ramzan also contemplates the forces behind life's mysteries, acknowledging the inevitability of nature's power that leads to life's end. His poetic creativity distinguishes him from his contemporaries, predecessors, and successors, showcasing his individual approach to universal themes and the human condition.

In "Kour Kakud Goum Pushrith," Professor Shad Ramzan's poetry captivates readers with its deep spirituality, philosophical inquiries, and imaginative exploration of life's complexities. His fusion of mysticism, romance, realism, and humanism presents a rich tapestry of emotions and ideas, reflecting the essence of a post-modern mystic. His verses evoke introspection, prompting readers to question their beliefs and contemplate the profound mysteries of existence. The collection stands as a testament to Shad Ramzan's unique voice and ability to convey timeless truths through poetic expression.

Throughout the collection, Shad Ramzan's words resonate with a sense of existential longing, as he grapples with the limitations of human understanding and seeks to unveil the essence of existence. He delves into the meaning of life, pondering the eternal struggle between creation and destruction, light and darkness, and the ever-present allure of nothingness.

The poet's verses not only touch upon the spiritual aspect of life but also delve into the socio-political landscape of the time. He portrays the human condition in the context of social structures, making his poetry deeply relevant and reflective of the contemporary world. Through his lens, readers witness the complexities of human relationships, the struggles of marginalized communities, and the yearning for justice and compassion.

Shad Ramzan's unique blend of mysticism and post-modern sensibilities infuses his poetry with a profound sense of ambiguity and openness to interpretation. Each line carries multiple layers of meaning, inviting readers to delve into the depths of his thoughts and emotions. His innovative use of imagery, metaphors, and allegories enriches the reading experience, leaving a lasting impact on those who engage with his work.

As a poet, Shad Ramzan's transformative voice extends beyond the boundaries of language and culture, appealing to a global audience seeking spiritual enlightenment and poetic introspection. His diverse themes and thought-provoking verses make "Kour Kakud Goum Pushrith" a timeless collection that continues to inspire readers across generations. The poetic journey takes readers on a profound exploration of the human soul's yearning for a deeper connection with the divine. As the collection opens with a heartfelt address to the eternal God, the reader is immediately drawn into the mystic realm that defines Shad Ramzan's poetry.

The very first poem of the book, where he addresses God as "Lord! You are all alone," reflects the poet's unwavering belief in seeking communion with the divine.

" The eternal ocean of time sings

Lord ! You are all alone

Every word in the holly Quran chants

Lord ! You are all alone.

With profound imagination, he weaves verses that uncover the mysteries of creation, revealing glimpses of God within the cosmos and humanity.

Throughout the collection, Shad Ramzan's strong Islamic faith is evident, as he expresses his love for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through heartfelt Naats. In his beloved prophet, he discovers hidden secrets of cosmic realities, further strengthening his spiritual connection.

Despite his profound mysticism, Shad Ramzan's poetry breaks away from the conventions of traditional Sufi beliefs. In a post-modern approach, he expands beyond the confines of any particular faith or mindset, exploring worldly and social themes that resonate with readers on a global scale.

In the poem "La Sarum Duapnum la," the poet's quest for truth is poignantly portrayed, as he seeks communion with the ultimate being, "Ilallah." The verses beautifully express the human struggle to comprehend the vastness of existence. Shad Ramzan's rejection of the age-old Sufi belief, where human beings are considered the sole purpose of creation, highlights his post-modern outlook.

As the reader delves deeper into the collection, they encounter poems that touch upon the meaninglessness of life. Shad Ramzan's inquiry into the reality of life and death is relentless, never settling for deterministic or dogmatic views. Through thought-provoking verses, he yearns to escape mortality, seeking a holly nectar that might lead to everlasting life, a question that remains unanswered.

In "Teth Baeth Kanh," the impact of Shad Ramzan's teacher, Rehman Rahi, is palpable in the poet's longing to write a song that would render everything immortal. The verses resonate with a desire to break the shackles of temporality and achieve lasting significance through poetry.

Amidst Shad Ramzan's exploration of the enigmatic forces shaping life's trajectory, he confronts the harsh realities of nature.

In "Rah kus chhu Aaftabus," the poet acknowledges the helplessness of humans in the face of nature's unyielding power. Through vivid imagery, he portrays the fleeting nature of existence, comparing life to the brief bloom of a rose that ultimately succumbs to the passage of time.

In conclusion, Professor Shad Ramzan's "Kour Kakud Goum Pushrith" is a masterpiece of post-modern mystic poetry that delves into the depths of spirituality, human emotions, and the mysteries of existence. With a captivating blend of mysticism, romance, realism, and humanism, the collection opens doors to profound introspection and contemplation of life's enigmas. Shad Ramzan's poetic brilliance and visionary approach elevate this work to an exceptional and thought-provoking experience that stands the test of time. With deep spiritual insights, thought-provoking inquiries, and a post-modern sensibility, Shad Ramzan's poetry transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries, leaving a lasting impact on readers across generations. His poetic brilliance and visionary approach make this collection a timeless gem in the world of literature, inviting readers to contemplate the mysteries of existence and the eternal quest for truth.

Riyaz Ahmad Riyaz, Poet, short story writer and translator, is a  Govt Teacher and can be reached at:

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