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Empowering Kashmiri society against elder abuse
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In a world bustling with constant change, it becomes imperative to pause and reflect on issues that often go unnoticed or unspoken. Elder abuse, a topic of immense significance, is often shrouded in silence, overshadowed by other pressing concerns.

However, on the 15th of June 2023, a transformative seminar will take place at the University of Kashmir, jointly organised by the Department of Social Work and the Gauri Kaul Foundation.

This event, commemorating World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD-23), aims to illuminate the dark corners of this crucial issue and ignite conversations that can bring about positive change.

Understanding Elder Abuse in the Kashmir Context: The seminar will serve as a guiding light, illuminating the multifaceted nature of elder abuse within the unique cultural context of Kashmir.

Recognizing that awareness is the first step towards prevention, participants will delve into the various forms of abuse faced by the elderly in our society. From physical and emotional maltreatment to financial exploitation and neglect, the seminar will provide a comprehensive understanding of the challenges that confront the elderly population in Kashmir.

Illuminating Pathways to Overcome Elder Abuse: While knowledge holds the power to create change, its dissemination is equally crucial. With this in mind, the seminar will explore innovative strategies and initiatives to disseminate information about elder abuse effectively.

Recognizing the importance of community involvement, attendees will engage in interactive sessions to develop practical solutions, fostering a collective responsibility towards safeguarding the well-being and dignity of our senior citizens.

Painting a Brighter Future for Elderly Empowerment: In order to foster creativity and encourage unique perspectives, the seminar will employ a dynamic and interactive approach. Through engaging presentations, thought-provoking panel discussions, and immersive film screening, attendees will be encouraged to think outside the box, contributing their individual brushstrokes to a collective masterpiece. This will serve as a catalyst for generating innovative ideas, generating sustainable solutions to combat elder abuse and empower the elderly population.

Collaboration for Change: True transformation is born through collaboration and unity. The seminar will bring together experts from diverse fields, including social work practitioners, healthcare professionals, legal experts, community leaders, and concerned individuals, all under one roof. This harmonious gathering of minds will enable cross-pollination of ideas, fostering a collective spirit to address the pressing issue of elder abuse. Together, participants will build bridges of understanding and forge partnerships that transcend boundaries, creating a united front against elder abuse.

Enlightenment for a Brighter Tomorrow: As the seminar draws to a close, it will leave a lasting impact on the participants, infusing in them a renewed sense of purpose and responsibility towards the elderly members of our society. Armed with knowledge, empathy, and innovative solutions, attendees will become ambassadors of change, spreading awareness, and advocating for the rights and well-being of our beloved elders.

Tailpiece: The seminar on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day at the University of Kashmir will be more than just an event; it will be a catalyst for transformation, a rallying call for societal change. Together, let us illuminate the shadows that elder abuse hides within, painting a brighter future where our elderly can live with dignity, respect, and the love they deserve.

Dr Zubair Saleem is a Senior Geriatric Consultant and a Gerontologist and Dr. Shazia Manzoor is HoD, Dept of Social Work, University of Kashmir.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.

The facts, analysis, assumptions and perspective appearing in the article do not reflect the views of GK 

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