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As the minimum temperature has plummeted sub-zero in Kashmir, the risk of cardiovascular accidents is on the rise. The blood vessels in the skin narrow in order to prevent loss of body temperature due to cold.

This causes increasing pressure in blood circulation within vessels within the body especially the brain and heart. This puts extra strains on the vessels and vital organs, especially among elderly people who already have hard thickened vessels and doesn’t accommodate more blood in inelastic vessels.

It’s advisable that elderly people, known hypertensive persons on erratic treatment shall preferably stay indoors during mornings and evenings. They shall move out of homes only when necessitated while wearing warm clothes.

However, over clothing shall be avoided as it causes sweating which in turn causes freezing and risk of hypothermia (decreased body temperature). The same applies to children, and people exercising outdoors which cause sweating.

Elderly people have more prevalence of respiratory illnesses including chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), asthma and cold weather causes exacerbation of symptoms during winters. Many times, such people need hospital admissions. These people are advised to consult a doctor and take necessary medicines as prescribed for a long duration.

(Khan is Professor and HOD, Community Medicine, GMC, Srinagar)

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