Suicide: Causes and Preventions

Be grateful for every second of every day that you get to spend with the people you love.
Suicide: Causes and Preventions
"Besides, familial issues, economic issues and those related to education or career too contribute to the rising tendency in suicides. Image source: Pxfuel

Don't compare your life to others. There's no comparison between the sun and the moon, they shine when it's their time

(Maulana Rumi)

Despite such clear descriptions about the importance of life in all religions, suicide has become very common in our society today. Problems and worries have certainly increased in the society but a person should seek help from them and face them with courage.

Mental concentration is essential for achieving high success in any endeavor. Nature has given man amazing power in the form of mind, man can make up for his shortcomings by using the brain. Negative thoughts always arise in human mind as a reaction. People with immature minds shout when such a situation arises hence they make wrong decisions, and people having a mature mind, when people have such a situation, they adapt to it, so that their life journey can continue without any hindrance.

Be grateful for every second of every day that you get to spend with the people you love. Life is so precious, there is no need to be perfect to inspire others let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections; remember don't compare your life to others.

Every religion forbids even wishing for death, so how is it possible for a person to go for suicide after suffering from hardships, illness and so on. If a person commits suicide, he commits a forbidden act and his punishment will be severe.

Suicide is an attempt to get out of adversity. This world is a place of test, every time and at every destination, a person comes across new problems and the only person who succeeds in this is the one who copes up with all kinds of worries and reaches the final destination of life. The person who loses patience in difficulties and ends his life is a coward. The later, life after death, was about to begin, he would confuse his eternal life with his own deeds. In this second life too, the same person will prosper who proved to be a servant of Almighty even in the most critical moments in this world, and he stood by it till the last breath of life. That is why Islam has made this world an appendage to the next world to come. The good or bad deeds done here will be rewarded in the next life. Suicide is a wrong and undesirable act, which will ruin man's hereafter.

Man in this world is bound to face hardships. But Allah Almighty has given man such power and strength that he overcomes these hardships and not that hardships overwhelm man. The one who commits suicide is gone, but no one will commit this forbidden act if it is estimated how much harm is done to his near ones.

Some causes of suicide

The causes of suicide are not easy to calculate because human thinking varies from individual to individual. But in the society we live in the causes of these suicides are like:

1. Stress in the marital life of the parents affects the minds of the children which in turn leads to suicide. Parents have a responsibility to play their part in the development of the child and to resolve their disputes amicably.

2. The grief of being unemployed: The highly educated youth, hoping for government jobs and the desire for a good post, when they are constantly fail, sometimes say goodbye to life. No work is small or big. Don't waste your time looking for jobs but look for employment opportunities in private sector or start your own small business. You can avail many government schemes in this regard.

3. Laziness: There are many people in the society who want luxury without work and when they do not get this, they also suffer from mental illness and commit suicide. Parents need to work hard on their children; not to pamper them so much that they become a burden on society.

4. Lack of Academic Counselling: Some children are quick to choose subjects and streams after 10th grade and when they do not succeed, or are not interested in those streams ahead, they become mentally sick and sometimes attempt suicide.

There is a lack of counselling in Kashmir. Parents do not think about which subjects the student chooses according to the need of the time and do not consult subject counselors. It is imposed on the children so that they can maintain their false ego in their family and close friends and in some cases it is the children who force parents to make wrong decisions. Only a good subject counselor can guide both.

5. Drug Abuse: Today, Kashmir has become a thriving place of drug addiction. A good number of young people are addicted to smoking, alcohol and other sunstances. They end their lives by committing suicide or suffering from deadly diseases. Parents have a responsibility to keep an eye on their children and hold them accountable when giving cash so that they can use the money in the right place. Parents must keep track of which friends are with their children. It's a duty of society and parents to provide a suitable environment for their children.

6. Lack of Spiritual and Moral Education: Every religion teaches us the same truth. No religion allows you to do wrong deeds. In this materialistic world where spiritual and moral education was not considered important, one's mental structure is weak. If one is not acquainted with moral values, he is more likely to fall prey to superstitions and the chances of suicide in such a person are high.

Presently world is suffering from corona virus pandemic. People in millions lost lives and much larger number of people from all over the world lost livelihood as economies collapsed. People are suffering from anxiety, which has led to an increase in suicide rate. It has become imperative to set up counselling centres for people suffering from this condition so that the negative thinking can be turned into positive thinking; it is negative thinking that paves way for suicide.

If moral and spiritual teachings are made common in today's society, the tendency to commit suicide can be reduced. Today, our society is in turmoil and there is a world of narcissism everywhere, due to which distressed people are committing suicide.

Ubaid Ahmed Akhoon is Sr. Edp Head in DD Target PMT Parraypora

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts, analysis, assumptions and perspective appearing in the article do not reflect the views of GK.

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