Suicide: it's no alternative

In our valley, the sharp spike in suicide cases cannot be overlooked
Suicide: it's no alternative
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Death is an inevitable, but sometimes the cause of death poses some serious set of questions and has long-lasting effects on the people behind. Suicide, a serious public health problem, is, unfortunately, increasing at an alarming rate among the young generation.

The root causes, if investigated, are many; yet the attempt of suicide is neither an option nor a solution to any problem (minor or grave) that one faces. In our valley, the sharp spike in suicide cases cannot be overlooked, and the repercussions are severe and deep. From the outset, it looks like a simple event, but the events leading up to this are to be investigated into as well as rectified.

The surge in suicidal cases is an indication of how people are going through their lives and how much suffering and pain they endure, which goes unabated and surely is a dangerous scenario. The causes of suicide are generally thought to be an individual's physical and mental issue but we must also understand the social context, the environment they live in, and the way they are treated, and looked upon.

People developing small signs, like becoming less talkative, preferring isolations, & resorting to unnecessary violent approach should ring the alarm of this mental issue.

The social evils (like domestic violence, social oppression, experiencing agitation, etc), no longer being able to cope with an overwhelming situation, mental fatigue and stress, workload issues, different kinds of humiliations, disappointments of not achieving the goals, financial issues are some leading reasons for this unfortunate happening.


Mental health problems have gained a tangible pace over the recent past, which is surely the main cause behind suicides. Continuous lockdown and longstanding conflict have taken a toll on mental health. People suffering from different kind of traumas find suicide as the best option to get rid of the miseries and problems. The lava, which is fuming inside their mind out of traumas, forces them to take such extreme steps. If we deeply introspect, the victims of the suicide, their unfortunate decision is more likely because of the above-mentioned affairs.

Pertinently, mental health issues can be resolved by sound counselling and by the love of the near ones. A person suffering from different kinds of anxieties and developing abnormal behaviour cannot, and should not, be taken lightly. He must be immediately counselled and extra care and love should be showered upon him. One cannot wait for the matters to worsen. Psychiatrists and good counsellors, teaching how to cope with stress issues or stress management programmes, should be consulted, rather than going for a traditional remedy. The best way to overcome these issues is to support a person by listening to them and helping them engage with healthcare professionals which can make a big difference.


Social issues leading to suicides can also be cured if we take an interest and consider it as our responsibility. People facing financial crises can be helped out if we have a sound societal institution which can work at local level. Social evils arising in society should be countered with full force, thereby discouraging the act at every front.

We must remember that if someone, out of financial issues, commits suicide, we as a society are equally responsible for not reaching out to those and not taking care of their financial needs at an appropriate time. Our timely efforts can save someone's life and in the Quranic spirit if a life is saved, the whole of humanity is saved. If the misery of your neighbour or acquaintance does not shake your conscience, then you have lost the right to claim yourself a human.

The responsibility of scholars increases double fold to enlighten and aware people of the issues involved in this desperate attempt. People must be taught the necessary teachings and moralities and the duty of social responsibility. We must remind ourselves and others that this life is a gift from Almighty we have no right to deprive ourselves of this blessing and any such act is vehemently prohibited in Islam.


Technology is a double-edged sword. Unnecessarily romanticising someone's misery on social media bears inverse implications, sends the wrong message, which can encourage one to take such a dangerous step. People suffering from anxieties are to be counselled, with positive thoughts and by religious literature. The distance from Religion (Deen) has to be minimised to obtain peace of mind and soul, which surely will act as necessary guidance and serve as the realisation of the bitter truth that suicide is neither an alternative nor a solution. It is apt to end this write up by quoting these two verses of the Holy Quran,

“So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief: Verily, with every difficulty there is relief.” (Quran, 94: 5-6)

Author is pursuing a Master's in Mechanical Engineering

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts, analysis, assumptions and perspective appearing in the article do not reflect the views of GK.

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